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The last thing we want is a censored cyberspace.

I forgot when I last posted something here! God bless G+!

শুভ নববর্ষ !!!

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Can't get enough of April Fools'?

If you follow the steps in this crafty #Chrometip, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to whip up a quick prank (or two) just using the web, some editing skills, and Chrome -- check it out:

1. Visit a web page (any will do).
2. Bookmark the page by clicking on the star in the omnibox.
3. Now edit the bookmark by clicking on the star, then Edit.
4. Replace the contents of the “URL” field with: javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0
5. Put something memorable for the “Title” field, such as: “Edit Page”.

Now for the fun part: go to a webpage and click on the bookmark that you just created. Notice anything different? You should now be able to directly edit the page that you’re viewing by clicking on the page’s contents and typing, dragging, and deleting what you’d like. Edits that you make are only visible to you while the page is still open, so you’ll need to plan your pranks accordingly.

Happy April Fools' Day, #Chromies!

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The Melting Flower

One of our latest shots. It was made as a part of lighting tutorial for "Lite It" +Scott Kelby magazine. Should be in one of the upcoming issues.

Share if you like it:-)

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Most Amazing High Definition Image of Earth - Blue Marble 2012

A 'Blue Marble' image of the Earth taken from the VIIRS instrument aboard NASA's most recently launched Earth-observing satellite - Suomi NPP. This composite image uses a number of swaths of the Earth's surface taken on January 4, 2012. The NPP satellite was renamed 'Suomi NPP' on January 24, 2012 to honor the late Verner E. Suomi of the University of Wisconsin.

Suomi NPP is NASA's next Earth-observing research satellite. It is the first of a new generation of satellites that will observe many facets of our changing Earth.

Download Full Resolution Image:

JPG | 16.4 MB | 8000x8000px

Image Credit: NASA/NOAA/GSFC/Suomi NPP/VIIRS/Norman Kuring
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