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Shital Shah
A program trying to understand what it's computing
A program trying to understand what it's computing

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I lost Nikon D600 at Fountain Park, Bremerton. If you saw or found it, I had be thankful to know. Thanks! 

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After latest automatic update, Ubuntu will be dead in water with no network connection :(. Here's how to get it back up and running:

Bare minimum command line keyboard shortcuts:

ctrl-u deletes the whole line
ctrl-k deletes from point (the cursor) to the end of the line
ctrl-a moves to the beginning of the line
ctrl-e moves to the end of the line
ctrl-t permutes the char after the cursor with the one under the cursor

Creativity is getting inspiration and having that lightning bolt idea moment, and then having the hard work ethic to sit down at the desk and write it down.

-Taylor Swift

Comcast doesn't have any options on website or phone menu for new customers. I wonder why.

Old Chinese adage: "富不过三代“ or "Wealth does not pass three generations."

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This $9000 dev box has 4 GPUs and comes pre-loaded with deep learning software!

Almost everything I used to believe about backpropogation was wrong.

-Geoffrey Hinton (at Graduate Summer School 2012)
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