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PlayerEssence originally shared:
Final Fantasy XV is opting for “Battle Modes” instead of traditional difficulty settings. The developers discussed the matter when fans asked about it on their official forums. “The equivalent to difficulty level settings in FFXV is a system where you can…
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Pretty damn funny, well delivered. Sounds like something sWooZie would post, but it's more personal since it's my cousin's son. Check it out, it's a simple tale and a decent CoD match.
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No problem man
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When one thinks of the victims of Nazi Germany, images of Jews, Roma, the disabled, political dissidents, European prisoners of war and others come to mind. Black people usually do not come to mind, but they did exist, as their story is mostly forgotten. January 27 marks the commemoration of the Jewish Holocaust, the day …
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The danger of not saying YES
Interesting article, and clearly a story that most people would be familiar with from one side or the other.

Of course there'll be a bunch of people saying there's nothing more alluring than an emphatic verbal consent,
and there's people who consensually enjoy the role playing of feigned non-consent or playing coy.

But what this is really about is a culture where women are conditioned to say no, even when they mean yes, and men are conditioned to pressure and continue with initiating sex, even when they hear "no" and even when their 'partner' isn't really complying.

While this author's story isn't particularly damaging, it's far too familiar and the result of this cultural conditioning is that while there are men like "Dave" (who would stop if a woman really emphatically said no); there are plenty of men who aren't like that, and despite persistent unending rejection, they'll keep pressuring, eventually will force themselves onto a woman, and it will be unequivocally rape.

And they do it not because they're 'rapists'; the vast majority of those men would abhor the idea of rape and vocally denounce rapists and genuinely believe that what they've done isn't rape. But it is.

The fact that this situation in the article is so hazy, such a grey area is very telling.

At the end of the day, the cultural conditioning needs to change.
To all people: stand up for your boundaries. Speak clearly and never let anyone cross your boundaries; not without a fight.
To all people: get that emphatic consent. Nothing's sexier than a heartfelt YES!
(Well, there's still room for pre-consented role play, but the point remains).

#humanrights #sex #consent #rape
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Shirondale Kelley

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Engineer Builds a Functional Miniature V8 Engine Using Only Paper
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Shirondale Kelley

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The winter is all like, "New Year, New Me."
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This is always a great place to go. Drinks and food are fine, customer service is exceptional. I always have a positive experience here.
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The service here was excellent. I've been eating here off and on for a few years and have never been disappointed with the food or service. My last visit was approximately three weeks ago with a friend after work. This location still does not disappoint. The current servers were as nice as any I ever had in the past. The food was well cooked and delicious. The condiment selection was fairly extensive without any choice coming close to hitting on "E". I would recommend this ihop to anyone vaguely interested in a good meal. It's not only pancakes and waffles anymore. There is a decent selection of salads that are very well proportioned and prepared.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Has giant roaches, poor management, poor maintenance, no decent heating arrangements in most apartments and my apartment had a constantly breaking window (latch for turning to open and close), the ceiling had a leak from above that took 5 months for maintenance to simply paint over instead of fixing.
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