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Shirley Maya Tan
Malaysian Single Mama: On life, love and living fearlessly at the GK Enchanted Farm
Malaysian Single Mama: On life, love and living fearlessly at the GK Enchanted Farm

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Personally, I have lost my fair share of friends to mental health issues. Yes, these beloved friends have chosen to take their own lives. It is a very sad and lonely place to be when one is imprisoned in that tormented state of mind. Sometimes, we do not even realise who is suffering in great pain. So, please take the time to really look at our friends, families, co-workers or neighbours. Take the time to find out if they are really ok. Often than not, it is the strongest facade that hides the deepest despair.

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We all have a choice. We can be happy or sad. We can choose to damage or nurture. We can choose to destroy or heal. Outer wealth has nothing to do with making the right choices that lead us home to our greater selves. It is the inner wealth that defines everything we do and why we do them. It is really about #love, #hope and #peace. It is about our shared #humanity. I really do have to thank #TonyMeloto, #GawadKalinga and especially, the #GKEnchantedfarm and the #SpartanSons for helping me to become much more than I ever imagined.
We can either choose to be affected by the world, or we can impact the world. This is where my #fearlessjourney has taken me so far.
May you begin your own fearless journey today, and live your own brand of #TheArtofFearlessLiving.

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The unimaginable becomes reality.
The impossible IS possible when we are willing to come down from our ivory towers or comfort zones to connect with one another in a meaningful way. Bringing out the goodness in others, by giving the goodness from our hearts.

This is the #GKEnchantedFarm way. We are an agri-based model, with a committed bottom-up approach that is male-centric.
WHY? Because when men become better men, everything else will be better for everyone else. Think about it.

This is why young men like Vincent Tatel, one of my adopted 11 Spartan Sons, can have the opportunity to speak at the World Forum and received a standing ovation. Vincent spoke right after Mohd Yunus Idris, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

#Transformation is real and it is happening every single day at the Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan, Philippines.
The least can become the best, the last becomes the first and the lost will be found.

Never stop believing in yourself. Never quit on your dreams. Always dream BIG. Because you are definitely worth it. ~ Shirley Maya Tan

#Love #Humanity #Peace

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Because being haunted is not limited to the ghosts that scare us.

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Sometimes the very things that haunt us are the very same things we deny. Our emotional landscape is a complex terrain.

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This is the BFM Radio interview with Tito Tony Meloto, Founder of #GawadKalinga and #GKEnchantedFarm and the Father of millions. From this radio interview on 26th August 2016, BFM invited Tito Tony to be their Keynote Speaker of the recent Breakaway event on 22nd Sept 2016.
"Dare to dream BIG. Dare to make sacrifices for the GREATER GOOD. This is not about competition but collaboration. Not ownership, but stewardship. Let us build a healthier, fairer and happier world together."
~ Tony Meloto at the BFM Breakaway event on 22nd Sept 2016.

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Every milestone achieved is etched in strife, and dripped with blood, sweat and tears. Until we learn to recognize each individual’s unique journey of becoming, we won’t fully value the glorious person they have become today. This year is about becoming the Fearless Radical Optimist. 

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This is just a glimpse of my life with my 10 adopted Spartan sons and daughter at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. Many people are curious as to why I would move to a farm and choose this lifestyle. All I can say is, PLEASE COME AND VISIT US AT THE GK ENCHANTED FARM. Experience it for yourself and soon, you will understand why.

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The path to healing ourselves and the world is through love. This is our real salvation. 

This poem is dedicated to all those people who have shown or taught us what it means to love selflessly. May they continue to shine the light into our world, reminding us all that we are beautiful, vulnerable but magnificent as we are.

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In the past, I have always confused love with attachment. I was always seeking something in return from my object of desire. I needed constant affirmations from the person I adored. In fact, I was running on empty and was searching to be filled up from someone else. I did not realise that attachment is more about fear and dependency. Attachment is more about self-preservation and self-gratification. This was why most relationships fall apart. People feed off on one another, instead of nurturing each other.
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