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Shirley Keefer Topeka

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Winter Storm in WV, March 2015

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Shirley Keefer Topeka

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A  Christmas poem for the young and the young at heart. Have a Merry Christmas all!. 


Long ago, way up in the sky. The stars were shining way up high.
One star shined especially bright, for it was filled with great delight.
A new Babe was lying in the hay, and He would save the world someday!
Suddenly, an angel flew past, and he was flying very fast.
He said to the shepherds, “The Savior is born! He’s lying in a manger, cozy and warm.
Go and see Him and spread the great joy, about the birth of this baby Boy!”
“How do we find this heavenly Babe,” the shepherds asked, “who’s asleep in the hay?”
The angel replied, “Do not delay, the brightest star will guide your way.”
The star was so happy, and knew it would show, and lit up the sky with an angelic glow.
From up in the sky, way down to the ground, it shined the way for the Babe to be found, 
Creating a glow on the Savior’s face, and the glorious event that had just taken place.
The shepherds followed the light of the star, to worship the Babe in a land so far.
As time went by, others wanted to know, why the star had such a Heavenly glow.
The news of the birth spread wide and far, soon others began to follow the star,
To look upon the Baby’s face, who would someday save them, with His grace.
For days, it shined both night and day, so all the people could find their way.
Then, one day its job was done. The world now knew, of the Heavenly Son.
Jesus had come to be their light. So, it went back to shining only at night.
~Shirley Keefer Topeka 2008

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Thank you, Todd!

Shirley Keefer Topeka

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder; at least that’s what some say.
But whether you’re near or far, I grow fonder every day.
When you’re near, I get lost in the sparkle of your eyes,
Blue intoxication; addiction in disguise.
Lips, so soft and sexy, captivate me when we kiss,
Feeling them pressed to mine; a sensation that I miss.
A rugged, handsome face that I very much adore.
And every time we part ways, I’m left with wanting more.
Long and lazy days indoors, doesn’t matter what we do
Every moment I treasure, when I spend it with you.
Engrossed in the latest news, I observe you from afar.
Feelings inside you arouse, and out comes who you are.
Your passion and compassion are awakened or enraged
Impassioned conversation; thoughts intensely engaged.
A devious, boyish grin slips slowly across your face
A playful, cunning comment, softened by a warm embrace.
Powerful but tender hands placed firmly on my skin,
Know precisely how to touch me to create a fire within.
But one thing you hide away, hesitate to let me see.
Will you one day be able, to share your heart with me?
In your quest for justice from the hurt you’ve felt before.
I take your retribution til your heart can love once more.
But please know, the pain you felt, my heart now feels it too
Every time you turn away when I try to love you.

Shirley Keefer Topeka

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There in that Place
 There in that place
You refuse to let me see
There in that place
Filled with so much debris
There in that place
Inside your fears reside 
There in that place
Your love chooses to hide
There in that place
That you so closely guard
There in that place
That’s mangled up and scarred
There in that place
Distrusting, raw, and bleak
There in that place
The dwelling for your weak
There in that place
With wounds that haven’t healed
There in that place
You choose to keep concealed
There in that place
Broken, bruised, and weary
There in that place
The lodging for your leery
There in that place
My love so longs to heal
There in that place
Slowly, remove the seal
There in that place
Have faith and trust in me
There in that place
Let my love, set you free

Shirley Keefer Topeka

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A Single Cup

Empty mugs set side by side,
One for him, one for his bride.
His feeble hands lift to pour,
A single cup. Two, no more.

Robust coffee feeds a soul,
Transitioning to half a whole.
Her essence now consumes the room,
Where he once lived as her groom.

Ceramic warms an aching hand.
Eyes peruse his wedding band.
Steam emerges from his cup.
Tender memories wailing up.

Trembling fingers take a sip.
Deeper in he starts to slip.
Love and laughter. Pain and fear.
Watching as the end grew near.

Bold taste lingers on his tongue.
Hands caress her face of young.
A vision in her favorite pearls,
Surrounded by her golden curls.

Rich aroma taints the air.
Days spent prisoner to the chair.
Drinking slowly, so alone.
Lost and lonely to the bone.

Swallows hard his liquid brew,
Aching for the love he knew.
His grieving spirit longs to heal,
From daily life now so surreal.

An empty cup. A heavy heart,
Trying not to fall apart.
His feeble hands lift to pour,
A single cup. Two, no more.

~Shirley Keefer Topeka
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Thank you very much +Diane Hughes! I'm glad you were able feel it.
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Shirley Keefer Topeka

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Whether you want to laugh, learn or be inspired, we’ve got you covered with this year’s list of the best websites for writers.

Shirley Keefer Topeka

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Interesting study...I wonder if the brain works much the same way when it is being creative or when it's creating imaginary worlds when one writes? I've always felt the brain works differently during those times.
Scientists have finally found the neurological difference between fantasy and reality - it turns out that information flows through our brains in opposite directions when we’re imagining something compared to really doing it. No matter how real...
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I believe that it humans can imagine something, eventually it can be done. It takes the imagination first before the reality can be accomplished. My 2 cents.
My Mother

No problem ever too big or too small
You loved and supported me through them all
Through pain and sorrow, through self-doubt and fears
My anchor of safety all through the years

Facing each challenge with you on my side
My biggest fan in whatever I tried
Not solving, not judging, nor disapproving
Easing life’s lessons; my wisdom improving

Sometimes I would fail, most times victory
My secret ally as I became me
Unconditional love; firm, without end
Comforting balance, both mother and friend
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Thank you! +Uma Venkatraman !
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