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Discussion  - 
Sort of very unrelated to the direction I am hoping to steer the community. Since AncestryDNA news is null at this time, I will place this here because it may be of interest to some. 

The gist of what is said in this blog could be true. I do think some of the conclusions drawn do not really exhaust all the possibilities for their findings.
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I also think the sample size is still too small (among other things) to accurately come to a conclusion.
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Shirese Louie

Ancestry DNA News  - 
Sorry that I have not been posting much here, but Ancestry has been very slow to actually utilize its full capabilities with its DNA product. I saw that they did tweet this on Feb. 6 (from Rootstech): 

"AncestryDNA is working on a product experience that takes into consideration chromosomal browser abilities at a higher level. #RootsTech"

I think when this happens there will be a lot more to discuss. Many Ancestry DNA users still don't understand just how important segment mapping is. 
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Will do...i'll be here.  :)
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Well, said +Ward A
+The White House I recorded your question. No it's not a softball question. I want to talk to the man that asked my grandfather how to get the black vote in Cleveland before he even announced he was running.  Let's do this. 

Reshare to discuss, going to lock the comments down for right now. Get your circlers to discuss this all over the place so the conversation grows. YouTube link for external networks:

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Ward A
+amy campbell Lol I'm not old enough for 2016.
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Shirese Louie

Discussion  - 
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Shirese Louie

Ancestry DNA News  - 
This message is from Tim Janzen, a genetic genealogist who attended Rootstech. There is a lot of information pertaining to Ancestry in it:

Dear All,
I returned home from the RootsTech genealogy  conference in Salt Lake City,
Utah, this afternoon. Overall, I felt it was a  very good conference. In my
opinion, DNA testing was much more prominently  discussed this year than at
last year's RootsTech. Spencer Wells' keynote  address was one of the
factors for this. devoted their entire  lunch session to a
discussion of DNA testing and their AncestryDNA product.  There were more
presentations about DNA testing at this year's conference than  there were at last
year's conference. I didn't hear any earth shattering  announcements about DNA
testing at RootsTech, but I did learn some things that  may be of interest to
members of this list including the following:
1.  Bennett Greenspan from Family Tree DNA announced that he expects an
updated  version of Population Finder to be available for customers who have
done  Family Finder within 6 to 8 weeks.
2. Ken Chahine from  announced that their AncestryDNA product
will have some type of feature that  will cluster matches for us at some
point in the near future. Ken was somewhat  vague about how this will work, but
it would appear that will  cluster our matches for us based on
the DNA segment or segments that we share  with these matches. This will be
a step in the right direction in terms of  providing greater usefulness
when we are evaluating the pedigree charts of our matches, but it
is still not what we actually need, which is  matching segment data for all
of our matches and a chromosome browser we can  use to compare ourselves to
our matches.
3. Ken Chahine announced that has now sold at least 275,000
kits and is approaching 300,000  kits sold.
4. Jake Byrnes and Ken Chahine told me that has  switched from
using 5 million base pairs to 5 cMs as their basic criteria for  a match in
AncestryDNA. apparently implemented this change in the  recent
past, apparently within the past several months.
5. Ken Chahine  announced that is working very hard to improve
the quality of the  phasing of their customers' DNA data. Jake Byrnes told
me that we can expect  about 50% of our lowest confidence matches to
disappear from our match lists  in the near future as a result of the improvements
in phasing. Analysis I did  last year suggested that about 50% of's lowest confidence matches  are IBS. Ken and Jake confirmed that this is
what they have found as well  based on their internal analysis. Jake has
found a way to eliminate about 95%  of the lowest confidence matches that have
a high probability of being IBS.  Ken said that they have about 60,000 or
so people in their database who have  first degree relatives who are also in
the database.
6. Ken Chahine said  that is planning to do another update of
their Ethnicity Estimate  feature by the end of this year.
7. After Kenny Freestone's presentation  on the AncestryDNA
product, a member of the audience asked if plans to share with
its customers the pertinent information about  the DNA segments that
customers share with their matches. Kenny said that this  is something that is discussing internally, but he made no  commitment that
would actually do that.

If any of you  are interested in reviewing either of the two presentations
I gave at  RootsTech, feel free to do so. My presentation " Using Third
Party Tools to  Help You Get More from Your DNA Test Results" may be downloaded
from (or and my presentation " Advanced Techniques
for Use  of Autosomal DNA Tests to Break through Genealogical Brick Walls"
may be  downloaded from Any suggestions for
improvement to  either presentation would be welcomed. Several of the graphics
in my  presentations are courtesy of CeCe Moore.

Tim  Janzen
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This book has been getting good reviews from professional genetic genealogists, amateur genetic genealogists, and--more importantly--my DNA cousins. Check it out.
My book on genetic genealogy is finally in print, and it feels very strange promoting yourself; however, every blogger has different followers, and as this is the first book which covers so many aspects of genetic genealogy f...
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Shirese Louie

Discussion  - 
This comic strip sums up why segment mapping is important. It also sums up why Ancestry needs a way for its customers to compare segments and why every DNA user should upload to GEDMatch and actually use the segment comparing features there. (Also, those of us who benefit from GEDMatch services should donate--even if it is $1.)
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Gedmatch is a great tool.
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I am a full-time graduate student. My focus is urban planning with an emphasis in community development/community revitalization. To me that means I would like to work with residents to provide them with the tools they need to not only survive but excel while keeping the heart of the area intact. I believe vehemently in community awareness, community empowerment, community harmony, community history, and community involvement by the community. I also believe in education and providing more areas with routes to obtaining access to a quality education. 

I am a copy editor but more interested in creative writing and literature.Since I read all day, I will admit in the last three years I have not read as much as I have wanted but some of my favorite authors are David Foster Wallace, James Joyce, Kurt Vonnegut, Zora Neale Hurston, George R.R. Martin, David Eddings, Neil Gaiman, David Mitchell, Roddy Doyle, and Robert Jordan. 

I am an amateur genealogist. I have even done a few DNA tests.

I am an avid music fan. I mainly listen to classic rock but love all types of genres. Led Zeppelin is my favorite band of all time. Here is a sampling of my wide array of taste:Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, Fleetwood Mac, Al Green, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Catfish Haven, Damien Rice, Ray LaMontagne, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, Mumford & Sons, Anthony Hamilton, and the Foo Fighters. Some of my favorite TV shows include LOST, Doctor Who, Fringe, Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones and True Blood. I love BBC shows, period pieces, and HGTV.

In the last two years, weight loss and fitness have become important to me. Since becoming a full-time student and continuing to work full-time, I have sort of had a setback in that area.

Gaelic culture and language, especially Scottish Gaelic, is something that I have been interested in for the last 15 years. I have tried to teach myself Gaelic but have failed.

I felt a need to add these items to my profile so you can have a full picture of who I am before you circle me. I am LGBT friendly. I do not deal kindly with bashing of people because of their sexuality. I am Agnostic. You have every right to pray or mention your deity on your own post, and I have every right to denounce him or her on mine. The door swings both ways. 

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