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Oh yeah. I did it. I did it! LOL! I just validated my novel and was instantly taken to the NaNoWriMo winner's page where the "Huzzah!" video played. It's simple, short, and amazingly uplifting and rewarding to watch that video of people you don't know personally congratulating you. Whoot!

I made it to 50k and beyond. Even more importantly, I finished the story, and I'm finally feeling that the ending is right. I'll probably tweak the last few lines, maybe add in more dialogue, but the tone of it, the conclusion of it, at long last works for me. And if it works for me, then hopefully it'll work for readers too (although I'm not sure when I'll post it into the searching spotlight of the public, always a nerve-wracking, tricky thing to do).

I wrote the entire novel in Scrivener. It went off in a different direction in the last several chapters from the original radio play I wrote in 2011 during ScriptFrenzy. And for once, I managed to keep updating my outline in the Index Card app as I went (oh, um, I forgot -- gotta update the last two chapters and delete a couple...anywhoo). And I found the Scrivener NaNoWriMo obfuscation compile template so that I could quickly and easily validate my manuscript on the NaNoWriMo website.

I'm now done. I'm finding that hard to believe. Wow. Done. Gotta let that sink in.

I'm feeling rather at loose ends, like, what now? Well, celebrate with some chocolate, of course. And then peruse the winner's page to see what the goodies are. And oh yeah, update my BiblioCrunch annual membership. That is one winner's goody from last year that more than paid itself out to me. Best one ever!

Official word count: 59,345.
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Thanks Marg! I'm ready for a no-guilt day off now. :D
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Shireen Jeejeebhoy

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OMG. After three stints of #nanowrimo writing today, after typing up a storm during each stint, I'm 1000 words short of 40k. Argh!! So close. On the other hand, I am on target now. At last!

I've begun writing chapters contrasting Cherry and Gerald's activities that are happening at the same time. I'm not sure how long I'll continue that. Maybe once more.
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It's my birthday, and this song keeps playing in my head:

But #nanowrimo comes first! The writing must always come first, isn't that what they say? Heh. So as the sun shone onto me, I ignored it and typed away on my computer until I reached the halfway point of this month of novelling, although I didn't know it was the halfway point. I just knew it was the end of today's chapter and found out I'd passed the 25k mark when I clicked on Project Stats in Scrivener.

I'm getting used to Scrivener. I think I've fully transitioned from writing my novels in WordPerfect to writing them in Scrivener. I know there are many features of this software that I don't use yet, but for distraction-free writing, I got it down pat.

I keep forgetting to change my POV from third person to first when I get to a Gerald-only chapter. Then when it dawns on me, a loud ARRGGHHH fills the room, before I have to go back and tediously replace all the "he"s with "I"s. And that's when I notice -- once again -- what a difference it makes which POV I write in when I do a Gerald scene. Gerald's thoughts and emotions come alive in my mind when I switch to first person in a way that third doesn't do. Anyway, Gerald's time is done for the day, and it's my turn to have some fun (not that Gerald was having fun, oh no, he was in agony).

25,474 words total so far.
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Today was NaNoWriMo's NaNoThon day. I typed 3,727 words and upped my word count above where I'm supposed to be. I was hoping to type more, but I had to catch up on my coursework as well. I know, I know, we're not supposed to have any other commitments during the novelling month, but I couldn't resist! Anyway, it was fun being part of this planetary writing marathon while I could join in. It's a definite keeper of an idea!
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Holy cow. I look up from typing, click Project Statistics in Scrivener, and I've passed the 50k mark. How'd that happen? When'd that happen? Well, today, I know, but it seemed like I was forever catching up and then all of a sudden: bam. I won.

I won the word count part (not officially yet though). Now I have to finish my novel. I have another seven chapters to go and three days to write them in. Hoo boy.
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Shireen Jeejeebhoy

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I've fallen off the #nanowrimo bandwagon. I blame my metaphysics course, making me think about reality, write about free will. But that's all done. And after I passed out from the effort, had a pep talk, read a pep talk, looked at Errol's nanotoon, watched Scrivener go belly up on me, restart it, I finally began writing again. And that's when I saw I hadn't quite finished my last chapter. I thought I had, but I hadn't really, not based on where the plot was going in the radio play I'm basing the novel on. I didn't want to touch the last chapter. So I made a bit of a switch-up in my structure and added a new chapter. Now the chapter I was going to work on will have to wait until tomorrow.

I wrote almost 1900 words today, exceeding the daily quota but not enough to catch up from three lost days. I need another #nanothon !
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You should come to NALitCHat tonight it's all about staying strong and finishing strong for NaNo.
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The #nanowrimo week-two-three doldrums officially dragged me down this week. But I saw the Toronto ML's video in my Google+ feed and clicked on it to watch. You must too! Especially if you're questioning whether you can write or want to write or if NaNoWriMo is for you. Or you just need a laugh and a non-Rob Ford thing to laugh over. :)

So I watched that, opened Scrivener, and got down to the business. And boy, did I write. I blew past all my previous daily word counts. I'm behind again in where I should be, but not as badly as I would've been if I'd written what I normally have this month. Phew. This is why NaNoWriMo is so great -- the huge swell of support that buoys you up and pushes you along when you hit those discouraging still, windless waters.
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Big scene at the shrink's today in my #nanowrimo novel Divorce Times Marriage. Went a long way to making up for my low word count so far. I'm almost near where I should be -- again. Cherry didn't have much to say during this session; she mostly hid behind her hair. I find having long, or at least not too short, hair comes in handy, but it was hard trying to describe the fall of her hair and how she hid behind it without using "tell" words. Gerald, though, had lots to say. On and on. The shrink's response was suitably rewarding. I like an active shrink!

A beefy 2,800 words or so today! Over 12,000 words this month so far!!
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