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Importing Google Plus Posts to a WordPress Blog - Using the Google+ Blog WP Plugin

Full tutorial for setting up +Daniel Treadwell's amazing Google+ Blog WP Plugin to automate imports of posts from your Google+ pages and profiles to your Wordpress Blog.

Full post here -

Here is an example of an imported post from +Internet Marketing Duru IMDuru  on my blog -

Automating Google+ Posts To Wordpress Blog Plugin
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That's the way to go, perfect.
At least for everyone on Wordpress. :) But still, many people are not even aware of this yet. Much less of our solution. :)
Nice, +Jaana Nyström didn't know you used Blogger. This solution is for Wordpress.... on Blogger you can import your Gplus Feed :)
I assume I'll do a specific blogger solution once since I use it on many projects. :)
The feed part is easy +Jaana Nyström. You just create the feed in feedburner (according to the instructions) and bring it into your Blogger as an RSS widget :)
There is an error: Missing argument 5 for googleplusblog_avatar()
Not sure where you are receiving the error +Markus Krug, please include more detail :)
Hi +Shira Gal, do we need to be on the Enterprise version of WP for plugins to be active? I don't see plugins on my dashboard. 
Hi +Shira Gal , no,I wasn't able to install it on the WordPress hosted, non enterprise version of WordPress.
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