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Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Alrighty, Fish Taco peeps. Here’s what we’ll need on 4/1 for our menu of Tostones With Mojo and Beer Battered & Fried Fish Tacos W. Blended Pico De Gallo & Cilantro Chile Lime Crema.


- a large mixing bowl for the batter
- a vessel for deep-ish frying such as a deep fryer (I don’t have one of those), a Dutch or French oven (that’s what I use), or a deep (at least 2.5 inches) heavy duty stainless steel saute pan or cast iron skillet
- a cookie or sheet pan or cooling rack double lined with some absorbent paper like a double layer of paper towels or a layer or two of brown paper grocery bags
- a blender
- tongs or chopsticks or whatever works best for you for fishing the fish and tostones out of the oil
- 3 servings bowls for 3 sauces - mojo, pico de gallo, and crema
- 4 serving plates or platters - one for the tostones (if you’re planning to make them), one for the fish, one for the fish taco veg, and one for tortillas

And the usual knives, cutting boards, etc., etc.



- 1 small head green or red cabbage, whichever you like better (you want to get a head that's dense in weight for its size, which is a general rule of thumb for all produce - means it's still got high water content and hasn't been drying out)
- 7 large, ripe Roma tomatoes
- 1 large white onion
- 4 or 5 jalapeños (my post on picking jalapeños:
- 1 bunch cilantro
- a ripe mango or pineapple if you’d like to add that tropical fruit element to your fish tacos. I probably will if the fruit is good.
- 1 head garlic
- 2 large green plantains (if you’re planning to make the tostones)
- 3 or 4 limes (you want to select the ones with a slight give when you press on the rind. If they don’t give at all, you probably won’t be able to get much juice out of them)


- 2 pounds of filleted (boneless, skinless) white fish of your liking. I’ll probably use tilapia because it’s affordable and easily accessible, but you can use just about any kind of firm, white fish you like. You can also use peeled and deveined shrimp.

2 pounds of fish is for 4 servings but if you’re serving more than 4, half a pound of protein per person is a good rule of thumb.


- a container of Mexican crema or regular sour cream
- 1 large egg


- a bottle of frying oil. Corn or soybean (also often labeled as “vegetable) is fine.
- mayo
- all purpose flour
- corn starch
- salt
- sugar
- 1 bottle of plain ol’ lager beer - Corona, Tecate, Kirin, Bud, whatever.
- corn tortillas (you’ll want to have about 8 tortillas - that’s 4 tacos’ worth - per person) AND you’ll want more (about another 15 to 20) if you can’t find the plantains for tostones but want to make the homemade chips and salsa for munching beforehand. Sounds like a lot of corn tortillas, but where I live, I can’t even buy less than 80 at a time at the Meximart. :P
- *optional - beer and/or margarita fixins for drinkin’ :)))

I think that should cover it, but if you see any glaring omissions (like +Edward Denzler caught me making a pho shopping list without sriracha in it - FATAL), please LMK.

I’m so excited!!!! :D

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I say we skip going through all this trouble and just head over to ur place to eat.
Hahaha... True... Ok, I'll make an effort and WILL wait, +Shinae Nae Robinson ... I can go fo any other kind of taco today... And I don't have to make them myself, right? :P
I missed you!!!
We just made fish tacos last night ~ fish sticks for the kids and grilled tilapia for hubby and me ~ but this sounds so much more Bajauthentic! What time does it start?
Sounds so yummy! I think my mom and mom-in-law will join me here! 
Well it just looks delicious!! I'm home on Friday so will have time to buy all the stuff and get my fish on Saturday. I'll be doing the same as in your last cook-a-long Shinae but this time it won't matter so much if we all have a late night because David starts his Easter hols the Monday after the cookalong so we'll be able to stick around with you all more. Can't wait. Fish tacos is going to be the bestest way ever to have a non-macrobiotic day... ;-)
+Joy Giovanni I think we'll probably start at 1 or 1:30 PM PST. :)

+Rachel ST YAYYYY!!! I think that's so neat that all three of you will be cooking together. :)

+Rebecca Rippin I'm so glad you're going to be able to make this one, too! And I'm glad you and Andres will get to break your week of macrobiotics! :P
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