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Shinae Choi Robinson
Kitchen witch, mom of 3, moonlighting musician, suburban bohemian, crazy plant lady :)
Kitchen witch, mom of 3, moonlighting musician, suburban bohemian, crazy plant lady :)

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Good morning, amigos. :)

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What I did with those ingredients (well, with the addition of a whole chicken breast I didn't photograph for that last pic)...

A Hainanese Chicken with Rice-inspired meal of:

- gently boiled chicken breast (so it has a steamed texture, but so I'd also have some stock for the rice) with a sauce made of soy sauce, sugar, water, and vinegar, and shallots, ginger, garlic, and hot red chilies sauteed in oil

- those Shimeji, Enoki, and Shiitake mushrooms sauteed with shallots and then sauced with butter, unoaked Chardonnay, a little bit of that chicken stock, and salt, and sprinkled with chives from the garden

- that Ong Choy (water spinach), first sauteed in plenty of oil, them lightly steamed with yet more of that chicken stock, lightly salted, then drizzled with garlic oil. I finally put my finger on what I love about Ong Choy - it tastes like tea!

And some jasmine rice steamed with the rest of the chicken stock.

Chardonnay to drink.

4 pics total, if you care to see them all. ;)

What's dinnering with you tonight?

#cooking #homecooking #chicken #chinesefood (well, Chinese-inspired) #eatmoreveg
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We haven't played this in a long while. Can you name these ingredients? How would you prepare them?

#cooking #homecooking #freshproduce #eatmoreveg #ingredients 

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Love those moments. <3 

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(Click link below for recipe.)

Whenever I make salad dressing, I always whisk/mix all but the oil, making sure all the salt and sugar are dissolved so I can taste and adjust the seasoning better. Oil tends to coat your buds, and it's harder to detect the level of seasoning.

Also, for those who don't cook with kosher salt, kosher salt is not a 1 for 1 sub with table salt, which is a little more salty and bitter. If a recipe uses kosher salt, I would start off with about 80% of the recommended amount if subbing with table salt and then adjust from there.


#cooking #homecooking #salad #dressing #recipes #cookpad #eatmoreveg

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Letting my lettuce and cilantro go to seed.

Who knew lettuce flowers were so lovely?

You can tell from looking at them that lettuce and dandelions are closely related.

#gardening #lettuce #flowers #bolting

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Raspberry Kouign Amann (pronounced something like "kweenyahmahn"- I've heard people say it without the y sound, too, but I'm pretty sure in French/Breton that 'gn' calls for the y sound...), which is a delightful puff pastry-like pastry with extra butter and sugar folded into the dough so you get a scrumptious caramelized sugar flavor and crispness when properly heated in the oven...

From a bakery called Boudin (but which I have been told is pronounced boeDEEN rather than booDAN like it would be in French and all probably because some guy at Ellis Island couldn't be arsed with none of that weird French diction).

Out here on the patio with the birds and light breeze.

Aren't we so lucky to benefit from so many different cultures and bastardized forms of them here? ;)

Happy Tuesday, mes amis!!!

#breakfast #pastry #kouignamann

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Kimchi Ddukbokki with pork - Korean rice cakes with kimchi and pork in a spicy hot sauce made with gochujang, soy sauce, sugar, and a little toasted sesame oil here.


What's dinnering with y'all tonight? :)

#cooking #homecooking #koreanfood #kimchi #recipes #cookpad

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The latest arrangement Dean's working on for us. Taking it from this arrangement to mostly just guitar and voice - big challenge.

Daunted to try to serve up anything Nina-inspired with this voice of mine, but we'll certainly learn a few things trying!

#musicalmelange #ninasimone

5 PM coffee sounds like a wonderful and terrible idea at the same time.
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