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Hey guys, come and try my first game - Fart Fight

Simple rules and start straight away:

Step A: Choose your action out of 3 options:
1. [Hold in fart] Increase your fart power by 1.
2. [Fart] Knock out players who are trying to [Hold a fart]. Consumes 1 fart power.
3. [Hold breath] Protect yourself from a [Fart]

Step B: Wait for the 5-second time-out and showdown.
If more than 1 player survives, continue with Step A.
Fart Fight
Fart Fight

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如果没有非法 portal,怕是也不会闹这么一出戏 +Ingress

Chinese resistance agent used another enlightened agent's name to CHEAT the guard and enter the yard of a RESTRICTED villa. Later on the res agent was caught by the enl agent outside the estate in person and forced to make apologies unwillingly in comm. Because of the military background of the enlightened player, the resistant player had to do as told for personal safety. Though both sides were not 100% innocent, +Ingress you have to start to do something about these illegal portals. To bring more fairness and safety to this game, it's time to act. +Resistance CSRA






图一及图二 被强迫道歉时,要求按其口述内容写道歉书,并多次发给他修改,最终其在20:43分表示满意,由我在20:46分发到公频。其实在被追上前,我也表示过希望双方友好解决事件的意向,但未有回复。
图三 于21:13分发的安全离开后的声明。「与其发生当面冲突后,为避免事态升级,才在非自愿情况下作出道歉声明」
图四 广州绿军在全国各地散布的大字报内容。
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Shame on ENL if true.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, NOT when toxic and dreadful substance are added.

As many have know ENL plagiarized China RES’ groundbreaking field plan 1.5 years ago during Abaddon New Taipei City, but nevertheless, if it’s as clean as ours from key transfer to the block clearing, it deserved some kudos for them. But right after the Op, reports of shady accounts clearing blocks flocked in.

The first is Koaooooo, the ENL account cleared block in Irkursk, Russia. RES Agent @ash404 created blocks 4:55 local time, and then this account, which leveled up in Hong Kong, Thailand and, destroyed the blocks for the Operation 6 hours later. To illustrate the situation, Picture 2 is the log at that time (UTC+10), and Picture 3 showed the original blocks and the ENL link route. Picture 4 is the profile of Koaoooooo.

The second is GreenANDBlood, the ENL account belong to YUXIDaiZi, a resident ENL in Yuxi, Yunnan who cleared route yesterday.
In May 16th YUXIDaiZi created a linkstar as a tunnel in remote area for the link of today, and account was right banned after the operation.
The account holder is a notorious multi accounts player, having more than 8+ Level 8 ENL accounts, and can create EP8 on his own. He also claimed these accounts are his colleagues, family members, but none of them have been seen by other agents visiting Yuxi.
Picture 5, 6 showed the log caused the ban and the tunnel. Picture 7 showed the 8 accounts on one portal on a different occasion,

Two years ago, the self claimed “Jade Dragon” came in the shadiest form of block clearing too - xgkzhy the account leveled up in New York City, came to Zhanjiang, Guangdong to hunt Guardians 17 hours later, then cleared block in Baotou, Inner Mongerlia 2 days later for the operation. This was documented in

The fact 2 major ENL operations across East Asia, carried out by multiple established communities come in blatant and vicious spoofing block clearing, utilized shady accounts' efforts and are still heavily propagated is mind-boggling. If the sheer amount of day to day spoofing is a burden too much for Niantic, these kind of operations never even got a slap on the wrist, additionally got featured in official newsletter, is a disservice and contempt to every guidelines abiding agents who put their heart and soul in this game.

Don’t wait until the game is only left with sewage. Please.
+Haerang Dong +Hilda Leung +Andrew Krug +Pooja Srinivas +Anne Beuttenmüller +Masashi Kawashima +Ethan Lepouttre +NIA Ops
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Google Photo auto-ps-ed one of my photos. Not bad :|
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Another BAD edit!
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I've encountered a refund abuse problem and reported to Google Play Merchants help centre. Then I was asked to turn to custom support. And them I was forwarded to merchants support again. I suppose... this is so called hat trick. Great job Google Play. Btw I'm a Google Play Android developer if you've got no idea what I'm talking about.
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