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If homeopathy is real, then dumping Osama bin Laden’s corpse in the ocean has just cured the world of terrorism.
If homeopathy is real, then dumping Osama bin Laden’s corpse in the ocean has just cured the world of terrorism.

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Collecting up my thoughts over the last few days

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Sharing a bit late, but my friend +Rhianna Albert and I were in Montreal for work and took an evening to explore Old Town. Pretty...but majorly under construction. 
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Another brilliant article from +Steven Novella . Several talking points in here that I've heard many times. At this point, its difficult to argue any science on this front. The science is as overwhelming as the science on climate change. So we pivot. 

From the article:
"The anti-GMO crowd has brilliantly used the labeling issue to fantastic propaganda benefit. Of that there is no question. It puts those who are pro-science on the GMO issue in a no-win situation.

The anti-GMO crowd has used the labeling question to frame the issues of GMOs as one of public choice. If you are anti-labeling then you are anti-choice. Companies who are anti-labeling are trying to hide something nefarious from the public." backs anyone against it into being either against public choice or concealing something nefarious. Thats the reason's I've heard over and over about why someone would oppose labelling. 

Another point I've made regularly, and always told I'm being unreasonable is also stated in the article:

"I think it is naive to believe that the anti-GMO crowd will not push for banning once they have labeling. They have successfully demonized GMOs and the companies who produce them, largely through misinformation, distortion, cherry picking, and outright lying. Now they want to capitalize on that groundwork by labeling GMOs."

This seems absolutely to be a reasonable next step. Finally, something I hadn't even considered. We do have a real world equivalent to this labelling debate. The organic label. 

Finally from the article:
"They eventually relented to the argument that they could have a limited organic label, and explain to the public that the label is not a claim for any superiority, it only has to do with the method or production not the final product, and only serves the purpose of standardizing the use of the term “organic.” Their efforts were utterly futile.

After the USDA organic label came into effect, the organic industry exploded, based on the false impression that organic produce is superior, and supported largely by the legitimacy that the USDA label conferred. All of the USDA caveats were promptly forgotten, if they were ever even noticed."

Public demand caused the label to be created, and it did explode the existance of "certified organic" in supermarkets, often at a serious markup. Ask any person buying organic produce why and you'll doubtless hear reasons about more healthy, less dangerous with pesticides, more land stewardship, etc. The sad part there is that none of those statements are true regarding this label. Same for a GMO label. It will allow people to shop in a way that they think means one thing but in reality means nothing of the sort. 

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Just made my annual donation. They're only asking for 3 bucks a person..if they got that from the avg hourly users, they'd be done in an hour. If you can...give. 

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Pre screening and meet and greet for +[TDC] The Devils Carnival​... Fun fun

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Ok, everyone take this and reshare far and wide on the internets just so they get an even more interesting sample of data. 

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Something tells me +Paul Kater  wants one of these things like..yesterday. 

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I always found it to be short sighted for our intelligence apparatus to want to make the web less secure, to want to install backdoors and to basically weaken the medium of the internet. Last year I made the comment that your built in weaknesses can be discovered and exploited by your enemies. Now that statement is proving itself out as China has launched successful cyber attacks against us and is poised to launch more. 

Its incredibly hard to justify the use of a backdoor, it requires the pipe dream of being able to assure that the only people who have the keys are the 'good guys' and technology has proven time and time again that if a weakness exists, it will be discovered and exploited. 

Crypto is just another tool in the box to protect the internet and ensure that only the people who should have access to data do. Good on these companies for speaking up about it. 

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Fortune cookie game for the win!
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