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SSPLicence - new version

Hi Friends,

To protect your existing applications with licence, try SSPLicence.

SSPLicence is an external component that can be use in any windev projects.

SSPLicence – Features

* Detailed clients report : We can easily trace all clients and there status.
* Custom modules ( We can set permission for each version like hide controls)
* Support all versions from WinDev 17
* Multi-language (English, French)
* Custom Messages
* You can easily customise the details like Demo Days, Project Name etc
* When a user request for Registration or Extra Days you will get Email Notification.
* SSPLicence will support to change the application location: Registered users can move there existing application to new location.
* Keep all details in an external server

You can Download Demo Version From Following Link .
Help file also available in the link

Thanks & regards

Shijo S Philip

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Hi Folks,

Good Day

I don’t know why WinDev developers are not interested in social networks. I checked Facebook yesterday. I didn’t find any group or communities of WinDev developers.

Am an active Facebook user So i created a Facebook group for WinDev Developers.Who all are interested they can join from the following link.

Thank you

Shijo S Philip

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Reading Text in an image using Tesseract:

Hi All,

I created a sample windev project to read text from an image. There are many opensource libraries are available. I used Tesseract for read text.

I created a windev.dll for use tesseract and included in windev project.

Its working good.

You can download and check sample project from below link.

Note: The result is based on the clarity of image and text.

Thanks & Regards

Shijo S Philip

Hi All,

While occurring fatal errors application shows an error message and we can copy that. Is there anyway to write all the errors in a file to trace issue occurs in customer application. This will helpful for trace the issues from customer side.

Expecting Replies

Thank you

Shijo S Philip

Hi All,

Webdev - 21

In scheduler i need to change the day width based on the Mode change (Day,Week,Month).

Also need to change the next button option based on Mode change (Day,Week,Month).

Thank you

Shijo S Philip
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