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Everyone saying this is fake needs to stop with the FUD. You can get them right here:

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My experience with the Riverside SLA CTC printer was that you should not get the Riverside SLA CTC printer. It was $880 on eBay, and I've had good luck with generic Chinese brands before (UP 3D printer, Vinylexpress Vinyl Cutter, Redsail Laser Cutter) so I thought "how bad can it be?"

The answer is: Very bad. Summary:
- The upper plastic shell was broken in three places. Not a dealbreaker, but is alone to doubt the audacity of "high quality" in the eBay listing.
- The software provided DOES NOT make SLA supports. The parts shown in the eBay listing ( are not made by the included CURA software which is clearly designed for FDM printing. This issue is a dealbreaker and makes the printer nearly worthless.
- The tolerances are unusable. a 10x10x10mm cube prints as 8.36x9.8x1.02cm. The height output is 17% short of what is input! All the eBay seller has to say about it was "This deviation is within the normal range, I hope you can understand."

At this point, I didn't bother with trying to make the printer more accurate. I've sent it back for a full refund. Many components seemed pretty decently built. But overall the product is unfinished. Almost like they were 90% to making an amazing cheap SLA printer, and then got lazy and gave up. If you're looking for a cheap SLA printer, the Nobel 1 seems to have decent reviews, and is currently $1000. Maybe one day the Form 4 will be cheap enough for everybody.

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Air wheel electric unicycle sumo showdown. Really. 😼😸

#Vipassana starting tonight. No internet or speaking, while I sit and they feed me, till April 10. #firstworldeverst Wish me luck!

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Shit. I have the same IKEA blanket.

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Yes, I know it's on the top of reddit. Yet, I still wish to share it.
Most Shocking Second a Day Video

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The current storefront of Science Toy Magic!

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Motherfuckers just broke everything I learned in school.
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