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Shift Status
Employee Scheduling for Business
Employee Scheduling for Business

New updates to website and app are currently in development! These updates will allow for quicker and simpler schedule-making.
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We just released our Partial Timeoff feature! Employees can now book half-days off, allowing them to receive shifts for the remainder of the day.
This feature is accessible through the website (, and iOS/Android devices (v1.23).
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New updates to the mobile website just rolled out!  Check them out at
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New exciting updates will be released in the next week.  Make sure to check the website regularly, and to keep your iOS/Android apps up to date!
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Version 1.13 just released for both iOS and Android devices. Employees can now input their availability preferences. Managers are notified of an employee's availability when creating shift schedules.
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We just released our free iOS and Android apps!

The app is full-featured, and includes an animated tutorial for new users. Employees can check their shifts, request timeoff and request shift trades through the app. Managers can approve trade/timeoff requests within the app, and can send broadcast messages to other staff.

Receive push notifications whenever shifts, trades, or timeoff requests change. Users can also receive broadcast messages alerts. We also allow you to customize which push notifications you want to receive. You can customize your settings by logging into the Shift Status application, and selecting the "Settings" tab.

Save now! Up to 30% with the new 3-month and 12-month subscription plans. We still offer our monthly plans, at our standard prices.

Want to know more about Shift Status? Check out our new FAQ section at
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