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Shi Blank
i don't switch off.
i don't switch off.
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We're up to Alpha+8b now :}
Another swanky paint release see blog post for more info and some free downloads :)

APNG support is probably the big feature, moving away from GIF for animations except as an export target. Keeping meta data inside a PNG is going to be very useful for some of the cool strange stuff I have planed.

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so beautiful. reminds me of mayan art.
This figure created with tetromino game, in the playing field whose dimension is 26 wide cells by 34 high cells

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a good point&click with humour and puzzles. looking forward to the full version :}
Verse One Released!
Greetings once more, Troll Fans! We promised you the complete freeware game (which also, unlike the existing demo, serves as a proper taster of the full game which is curently in development) by the end of January 2015 - so we've just about done it! Just ma...

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The Swan King wants you to know that there is a new build of Swanky Paint available.
Visit for the web version, some secret download links and the daily challenge.

*Swanky Paint is a Deluxe Paint style art package.
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Assuming I've fixed my #PNACL build you can now play Lonely Bird #NHTG14 in the latest chrome

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“Lato” means “Sum­mer” in Pol­ish :}

here's a tip: if you need to use LMMS under ubuntu, don't install the ubuntu version. instead, install the windows version and run it under wine.

i've had to do this today because vst support seems to have failed & nobody cares (get a ticket, the queue's over there. yes, it's x years old but at least you get one.).

so now i have the latest version of LMMS instead of being 3 versions behind and everything looks new & swanky. also, it works!

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Yog - The lurker At The Threshold Under The Bed
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