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Publisher of roleplaying games, fantasy fiction, and science fiction.
Publisher of roleplaying games, fantasy fiction, and science fiction.

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Wil Wheaton's Tabletop webcast has an excellent video on playing Fate Core.
Eldritch Realms will be a Fate Core game, so a good Eldritch Realms game will look a lot like this - except Elizabethan historical fantasy with an awesome and detailed magic system, instead of sci-fi like in the video. :-)

Shewstone Publishing's chief cook and bottle-washer, Andrew Gronosky, will be at the Arisia convention in Boston this weekend. We won't have a booth or be hosting any events ... this year is reconnaissance. ;-)

PM me if you're there and would like to meet up!

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Draft introduction to Eldritch Realms is online. Sorry I forgot to post this on Google+ when I wrote the blog post last month.

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We have an update about the game we're working on. The working title is "Eldritch Realms." It will be a game about wizards set in Elizabethan England. Please see our blog for more description of the concept, and follow us to get regular updates.

Shewstone Publishing is currently developing our first tabletop RPG, which will be a historical fantasy game set in the European Renaissance.

We're in the early stages of development -- just getting started on the magic system.

Welcome to our first Google+ follower!

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