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People should be allowed to sync one Google+ account to their multiple YouTube accounts. Or Google should just allow one person to have multiple YouTube accounts.
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There are reasons to have more than 1 account; sometimes I want to post stuff that is more just family-centric that peers or friends may not really be interested in, while other stuff may revolve around a hobby that friends may care about, but not necessarily my family.
True, but maybe then allow people to toggle between the different ones?
Agreed wholeheartedly; my preference would be to have a single login that allows me to manage my different Google services, be it multiple YouTube 'accounts', or pages, or whatever it would become (I could imagine this for other services too, not just YouTube) and be able to switch what gets posted where.

Tumblr allows people to do this, it is not a weird request - they "get it" over there. :)
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