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Yes, My Dreams and Goals way too big to stay hidden in my head:  We now have the first draft of my movie script: 

"The Big Office Switch: When you work for so long in the cubicle, and no one no longer notices you."
Synopsis: Nelson Brock is a black accountant, Brock Nelson is a white accountant who live forgettable lives working for rival corporations. Frustrated by families who don't appreciate them, and co-workers who barely notice them after twenty years in cubicles, they decide to tempt fate--by switching jobs. Hilarious situations come one after another. Everything all goes smoothly ... for awhile, until the past returns and makes their once-boring lives into a game of life-and-death. #TheBigOfficeSwitch #SherwinPBrown #Dreams #Goal #moives #Hollywood  #Netflix  #Comedy 
Money Lesson For Life:
If you invest in stocks when so many foolish investors are buying at these historical levels, you are going to lose money! #buylowsellhigh
Only five of every hundred people in America will ever retire wealthy.
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Melania Trump finally broke
her silence on her famous "your word is your bond" #speech :
She told the #RNC "This convention thing is a disaster, we need to bring back the that really old man talking to the empty chair"
#Plagiarism #melaniatrump #LyingTrump #sherwinpbrown #books #hillaryclinton #michelleobama #potus
I think the Brits have shot themselves in the fanny this time😳🤑 #
Anyway, this is not a good time to buy stock,wait until we have a selloff at least 20% as we see
In the UK bank stocks:
Please checkout my personal financial books:
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Friends and good people, please call your your Congress person and complain on this one, this is daylight robbery #EpiPenRobbery #CrookedMylan #Epipenpricehike 
Somewhere, right now, a cash-strapped parent or budget-limited patient with a severe allergy will skip acquiring an EpiPen.
Money Lesson For Life:
If you invest in stocks when so many foolish investors are buying at these historical levels, you are going to lose money! #buylowsellhigh
Only five of every hundred people in America will ever retire wealthy.
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#Cash #TheBigOfficeSwitch #Retirement #LoveMyJob #HateMyJob #stockmarketcrash
#MutualFunds #etf #sandp500 #businesswoman #SimplerSaferInvesting #WarrenBuffet #followme #job #polls2016 #forbes
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WOW! The DOW is up over 178% in just 7 years!
The next time you hear anyone say America is not great, tell them they are just very ignorant people:
Did you know that under President Obama the main US stock markets are all trading at an all time high.
Let me repeat,
All Time High!
The DOW is now at the highest it has ever been in over 116 years:
It went from a low of 6,657 in 2009 to now, (2016)over 18,500!!!!
What that means is this ,for all the intelligent Americans, who did not panic and sell off, their 401(k)'s , IRA's and other investments,they have almost tripled in size.
#Money #Earnmoremoney #greatnews #lovethis #SherwinPBrown #SherwinBooks
"Let everyone call your ideas crazy, just keep going"~Phil Knight CEO and Founder of Nike, Inc.

Here is another reason, to read one of my powerful personal financial books:
My first client that I met in 1988, had only $47,000., they now have over $4 million! #SherwinPBrown #DOW #Googleplay #iTunes #kindle #tech30 #Visa #MasterCard #discover #Nike #401k
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Crazy! only 2.69% for 30yrs on your money😳
Yes the US Stock markets will go down in the short-term, but as long as interest rate is this low, intelligent investors will stay in the stock markets🤑✅
Learn more by getting this powerful book:
"Simpler,Safer Investing"
#SimplerSaferInvesting that are sold everywhere in paperback and ebook or
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  • University of St. Thomas
    Business Accounting, 1984 - 1986
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This Page is About Being HAPPY,HEALTHY and WEALTHY: Please Add and Join us on this Journey call LIFE #LoveAlways "Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare." —Japanese Proverb What is your vision in life?

Hello everyone: I am Sherwin  P. Brown. I have been an entrepreneur since I was twelve years old...For more detail  please visit my website: 

Remember "Readers are Leaders" Safer 401k Investing ISBN 978-1-59298-568-5

 My Easy to Read Book is available in Paperback and on  E-Readers such as:,  Apple's  iTunes,  Barnes & Noble , Kobo and Many more:  Again for more detail please visit my web site 

Remember "Readers are Leaders" Safer 401k Investing ISBN 978-1-59298-568-5

Friends and soon to be Friends: Yes there are over 7 billions of you out there I and send love to all of you. 

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I have written a book that can help you and your family to save and/or earn thousand of dollars. It is called Safer 401(k)Investing: How to Protect All Your Investments from Wall Street Greed and the Government. It is based on a lot of the same safer investment principles that Benjamin Graham taught to Warren Buffet.



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I have also written 3 books, The Title of my first book is, “Safer 401(k) Investing: How to Protect your Investments from the Greed of Wall Street and the Government. “Jamerican: The Gift of Poverty” and the 'Lies of the DOW" I grew up in shoeless poverty in the jungles of Jamaica but I have also have enjoyed the luxury of sleeping the same presidential suite as presidents of the USA and other world leaders; which mean I can truly say “I have been there and done most of that and cannot wait to do more”
Author ,Professional Public Speaker, Investment Guru, and Financial Expert
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    The Investment Secrets used by Billionaires! Big News! I have cracked the code to the biggest investment secret in the history of the stock market. So big, that even Warren Buffett has used this method to become one of the wealthiest men in the world. This secret is in my book;“Safer 401(k) Investing”, which is a very easy read; you will learn the secret in just a few minutes.
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    My first book, "Safer 401(k) Investing" , now is in print and on eBook such as Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble 's NOOK and on Apple's iBooks., 2012
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The staffs are always very helpful and friendly, there is this one guy that work in the garden center that knows a lot about gardening and he is very honest.
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Long waiting Lines..Bring a good book to read :( My bad review has no reflection on the staffs/employees, they do an excellent job they are just understaffed and overworked. I hope Comcast board of directors do something soon to improve the service
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
They are such kind and sweet people; I just love Hilton and his staffs ...Tell them what you want and just like magic they will arrange it brilliant and beautiful for you at a very reasonable price
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Very good service, advance technology and they make you feel very comfortable !
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6 reviews
Fun, Happy and Fabulous...I wish we had one in Boca Raton Florida
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Very Honest: Not two words you usually see associated with mechanics and auto repair shops: But Keith and the staffs at Absolute Automotive are upfront an and honest, you will get the truth and will pay half the price of what you pay at the dealerships.. Finding them was one of the best deals for my family since we moved to Boca Raton, Florida:
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reviewed a year ago