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Why should any #fashion go to waste when it can be recycled
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Should be grateful to live. His age I would never put an old person down..SMHH
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More #Pinoy artists, please:
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Parang kapatid ni manny pacman?
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Sherwin Marasigan

Travel Videos  - 
This amazing time-lapse of #Seoul took three years to film: 
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Sherwin Marasigan

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It has a machete, an adjustable wrench, a pipe wrench, an auger, and a hatchet.
Like a good boy scout, Instructables member seamster is always prepared. In anticipation of the zombie apocalypse, he decided to gather up the best tools and weapons he had and combine them into one gigantic zombie defense mu...
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Is an unfinished work still worthy of display? #art #philippines #openends   
Why do artists leave some work undone? And why should a museum want to put them on display? Those are just some the questions raised by Open Ends, an intriguing exhibition that opened last week in Manila. "Open Ends, the sec...
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It has a high-speed micro camera that tracks pen strokes, while an accelerometer detects its movement and angle. #gadgets #technology #android #ios  
The Orée Stylograph is ballpoint pen that can digitally record and store notes and sketches made in a companion notepad. It is made of real copper, and uses fine ballpoint cartridges which can be refilled. It has a high-speed...
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New meaning to invisible ink.
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Have him in circles
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Here are some of his finest drawings, which will give you an idea of how gifted this French artist really is. #art #popculture #drawings  
Pierre Yves Riveau (aka Pez) is a wizard with a pencil and paper, and I can't stop looking at his website. His most popular series is called Distroy, which undermines some of our beloved cartoon characters and pop culture ico...
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Perhaps my favorite of the bunch (pictured below) is ALF Strangling Cat, which is based on the Greek original Boy Strangling Goose. #art #popculture #sculptures  
Brett Kern is best known for making ceramic art that deceptively look like inflatable toys. But over the course of the last few months, the West Virginia-based clay master and professor have been working hard at finishing a n...
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Two robots talk about art:
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This stylish, hand-crafted computer measures just under 5 inches tall, but despite its ultra-compact form still has full-size specs. #computers #technology  
One look at this computer and you'll understand why minimalist enthusiasts lust for this piece developed by French company Bleujour. It's name is Wood Kubb, and it looks like nothing but a single block of wood. This stylish, ...
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#Fruitdoodle is proof our parents should have let us play with our food  
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Books authored by Cloudoncolorsky
#9 - Cloudoncolorsky 
(My Autobiography)
#8 - ... ,Your Monet.
#7 - ... , Cezanne !
#6 - Paul Gauguin … !
#5 - 21 century - Pupil of Vincent van Gogh
#4 - Painting of 21 century. Luminous Tulips.

#3 - The Painting Impressions for Children and Adult. 21 century. 
(The best book-album of Cloudoncolorsky)

The Painting Plus The Wise Quotes. 21 century. 
By Cloudoncolorsky
(Very useful book-album for knowledge of life)
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Sherwin Marasigan

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It's a really cool blend of east meets west. #starwars #japan  
The months leading up to the release of The Force Awakens have been filled with some amazing toys being shown from companies like Lego and Disney, and now we take a look at the upcoming Star Wars samurai figurines from Tamash...
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Have him in circles
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