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When 24Hz Sound Waves Collide With Water
Learned behavior of plants : I read about this some time back, but am posting only after I did some digging. There is definitely some gaps in our knowledge of plants and how they get around to taking advantage of their environment. This is a surprising study and you can draw your own inferences from it...

Article Extract: The researchers studied Mimosa pudica, which folds inwards when touched to protect itself from predators. The University of Western Australia study, which also involved Professor Stefano Mancuso at the University of Florence in Italy, found the action is not simply a reflex.

They examined the species’ short and long-term memories under both high and low light environments by repeatedly dropping water on the plants using a custom-designed apparatus to look at their response. The strange fauna stopped curling up once it learned that the water was not a threat to its survival and no damage was done, according to the study, which was published in the journal Oecologia. Mimosa plants were able to acquire the learnt behaviour in a matter of seconds and as in animals, learning was faster in low light.
‘Most remarkably, these plants were able to remember what had been learned for several weeks, even after environmental conditions had changed,' the researchers said. The study shows that Mimosa pudica plants can learn and remember just as well as it would be expected of animals, but of course, they do it all without a brain.

Article Link:

Additional link:

Research Paper (Abstract only) :

The Secret World of plants (earlier post) :

The Root brain hypothesis (Earlier post) :

Wikipedia Link:

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