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Father, Feminist, Reader of Games,
Father, Feminist, Reader of Games,

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I am excite!
The Imposters is getting tantalizingly close to done. We plan to Kickstart it in early April. The Imposters is an anthology of seven conspiracy-themed games by seven different authors, including three #GoldenCobra winners, a Golden Cobra honorable mention, a #200WordRPG winner, and the former Global Coordinator of Game Chef. Despite our apparent successes, all seven designers admit that we struggle with Imposter Syndrome,* the self-perception that we aren't "real" designers who deserve to hang with the "professionals."
If you can sympathize with our struggles, or you struggle with Imposter Syndrome yourself, or you have been harrassed and othered by folks in the gaming community, we encourage you to join our conspiracy and check out the +Kickstarter next month. We're proud of what we've made together. These games are awesome. They range from an X-Files inspired mystery set at a funeral to a spy vs. spy meetup to a full-on, cryptographic psychogeography larp. If you follow any of us on social media, there's at least one game in here that you will love.

See you in March.

Josh and his fellow Imposters
+Barbara Ng
+Todd Crapper
+Alex Carlson
+Nick Wedig
+James Mullen
+timothy hutchings
+Jay Sylvano
+Jeremy Morgan

*Also spelled Impostor Syndrome. They're both correct. And I will fight you on that if you need me to.

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Did you create an indie analog game last year? Submit your tabletop rpg, board/card game, or LARP to the Indie Groundbreaker Awards hosted by the IGDN. Help us showcase the amazing and diverse talent we have in the industry!

Our awesome judges this year are +Elizabeth Chaipraditkul +Kate Bullock +Darcy Ross and myself. We are eager to judge your emotionally-gripping card game, philosophical roleplaying game, or hard-hitting jeepform larp. Give us your best work from 2016!

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The Establishment is an amazing publication, please support it if you can. 

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This is like putting peanut butter in my chocolate!

Blades in the Dark hacked so you can play it in Sig.

I want this stretch goal to happen so badly that the first five people (who aren't already backing) who back this at the CA$ 15 level or higher and forward me their email confirmation, will get a reimbursement of CA$ 15 (or the USD equivalent) when the project funds in 12 hours.

Also you must be willing to use PayPal or Venmo.

Shervyn at the gmails.

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So with about 14 hours left his really is a stretch but I would love to be able to see this go down. Blades In the Dark in the Planar City of Sig!

I mean planar heists! Holy moly! 

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Anyone on the Jersey Shore been to a World 1 Wrestling production? I just grabbed a couple of tickets for myself and the kids

Question about the Patreon and Codex.

Do you pull the link to the older editions? Because I can't find the links to the ones from October and November.

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A friend's non profit is looking for a head of legal services.

She loves loves loves the company culture (even before taking into account what they actually do for people.)

So I am signal boosting. 

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Really useful information on topics like:
relationships & sex
conflict resolution
for those suffering harassment online, at school or at work
for those in abusive/controlling relationships, or who are homeless, transient or in the foster system
for those who are trans or LGBQ
for those who are of color
for those who experience religious intolerance or who are undocumented citizens
for those who are disabled
for those interacting with the justice system
for those engaging in active protest
when everything seems terrible or nowhere feels safe
how to help each other & improve this godawful mess
resources and helplines

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This just arrived today. I play tested Mobilize at Metatopia in 2015 and was blown away.

And the book itself is a work of art.

I can't wait to facilitate these games soon. 
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