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Great presentation on crisis management
Thanks to +Julian Matthews
#MH370 Case study: Lessons in social media and crisis communications
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Electronic air problem ?
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I'll definitely be watching

Hangout with my friend +Ray Hiltz as he makes lemonade for all of us out if the sour lemons he was handed last week. His website was hacked! Come and learn from his experience.

#Gpluslunchbunch #websecurity
We live a great portion of our lives on the web.
We do business on the web and for many of us our websites and blogs are our online office.

So what happens when your office has been broken into. Your files scattered all over and your walls defaced with graffiti?

In my case, I panicked and reached out to my Google+ friends to help.

One of those friends is +William Rock  who, while in my circles I haven’t had a lot of engagement with beforehand.

Other G+ friends like +Stephan Hovnanian  +Heidi Bouman   +Justin Firth +Jeremy Mandile  +Sherry Nouraini  +MaAnna Stephenson and more reached out with advice and support. William and I hung out and chatted about security measures etc.and thought it would be a good discussion for a LunchBunch show.

But the story does end with a simple security scan and clean, it gets much worse. You’ll have to watch the show to hear the gory details.

This is the #gpluslunchbunch   version of “scared straight”.

William joins our lunch bunch table to discuss steps you can take to secure your site and restore if necessary.

He’s a certified Internet marketing specialist. Other areas of expertise are within VSEO and working as a Videographer for Half Price Banners creating business marketing related video for organic traffic.

I hope you’ll share your website horror stories as well and pass along advice to people who may be just setting up their first blog.

This is a Google+ Tips & Topics Community presentation:

If you'd like to keep on top of what's happening on Google+, subscribe to my weekly Google+ Tips of the Week Newsletter here: 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ray Hiltz. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Is Your Website Secure?
Yesterday, April 22, 12:15 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Sherry Nouraini

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Beautiful San Diego

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Sherry Nouraini

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Unpaid interns, this article says don't do it, what do you think?

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A simple google search helps, but if employers contact their local YWCA employment offices they can help as well.

People on unemployment can sometimes seek approval for employment incentives that they can offer an employer if they are hired i.e. wage subsidy.

Call and speak with an employment agent.  As for Federal, every spring / summer they have employment offices open for young people.  Contact a local EI office / google for specific details.
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Have her in circles
3,664 people
Remembering Rachel Carlson, Mother of environmental movement, on Earth Day.  She opened everyone's eyes with her research and books.

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Oh how I love nerdy jokes

Neutron stars.
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lol maybe it's somewhere in the E(k) diagram to see.
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Very important issue facing us as DNA sequencing becomes more mainstream

As insurance companies aim to discriminate against people because of bearing certain genes, they should keep in mind that a great majority probably don't have them. Kind of the balancing act built into the Health care law where premiums paid by young people would balance the cost associated for the old. This issue is also a good argument for everyone to understand life science. What do you think ?

#DNAsequencing #lifeinsurance #longtermcare #lifescience

Thanks to +First Generation STEM: Education, Science, Community and Knowledge for sharing
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Sherry Nouraini

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Didn't want this weekend to end!

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Same to you +Jimmy Magala
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Sherry Nouraini

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Hi everyone,
I am an adjunct professor of Biology at San Diego City College, and instructor of Marketing via Social Media at University of California, San Diego Extension.  My interest lies in integrating social media in the classroom and the academic world to build a bridge between the general public and scientists.  I have a PhD in genetics from University of Toronto, and worked in the biotech industry for a while before starting to teach and venturing into consulting.
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Have her in circles
3,664 people
President at Captive Touch, Inc., Founder at Open Social Media Initiative, Instructor of marketing via Social Media at UCSD Extension, Instructor of Biology at San Diego City College
Social media strategy, social media education, social media management, copy writing, social media consulting
  • UCSD Extension
    Instructor, present
  • Captive Touch
    Founder/President, present
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Social media blogger, educator, and consultant. Biology instructor
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