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No matter how complex climate change is, for your communication efforts, first thing is first: Match the message with the audience

#climatechange    #globalwarming   #communicationskills   #communicationstrategy   #environment  #ClimateAction #Obama   #potus   #earth  
Climate change is a complex topic that needs to be understood by the public.  This is important now more than ever as climate change is bound to become a major issue in the upcoming national elections, and as the President pr...
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Sherry Nouraini

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Brilliant promo video for Digital Audit Day! Nice job Murasaki Media!

Sherry Nouraini

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Facebook features that allow you to see all the status updates of your friends

#Facebook #facebooknewsfeed  
I've been meaning to write about all the different Facebook features that help users take control of the news feed, but I could not think of a good context. Without an interesting context, this article would otherwise be just an instruction manual, and who wants to read an instruction manual?
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Sherry Nouraini

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Building your personal brand on LinkedIn: When is your when?

One final LinkedIn blog post before the end of they year

#linkedin #personalbranding #personalbrandingtips #Sandiego  
I know I said don't ask why, but let's review the "why" before getting to "when".Why build a personal brandOne thing about life everyone has to face at some point is this: all good things come to an end. That is why it is important to always have the end in mind, to have an exit strategy. Building a strong personal brand is an enduring and effective exit strategy: Build it once, use it forever. Let's see how that works: You are an entrepreneur, h...
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Sherry Nouraini

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What do you do if people don't recognize  the value of your products or services, how do you communicate your value proposition?

Some conversations are difficult to have but they are worth having!

#Take5HOA   #Vlaueproposition   #communication  
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Sherry Nouraini

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Well Deserved Malala! Can't express how happy I am about this!

LIVE STREAMING from press conference with Malala Yousafzai, #NobelPeacePrize 2014 at 5:30 p.m. CET:
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Well done Nobel Committee and as always, Malala. You can be involved in making Malala Day a massive global conversation for education. Add your name to this statement from Malala and her friends in Nigeria and ask your friends to join you:
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Sherry Nouraini

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How do you feed the hungry beast?

#contentmarketing   #contentmarketingtips  
Content marketing presents a huge challenge for business owners: Creating enough engaging content and getting people to actually see this content. “Tell me something I don’t know” you might say, but news about upcoming changes to the Facebook newsfeed may make feeding the hungry content King even more challenging.News has it that Facebook is testing a feature where it allows it’s users to choose which friends or pages they want to see at the top ...
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Sherry Nouraini

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UCSD Extension students rock it with creativity for their social media plan

Just finished a hangout with a group of my students. They presented their social media plan, such a nice job, look at these pictures and marvel at their creativity and detailed oriented approach!

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmediaeducation  
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Sherry Nouraini

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A Book is a heart that only beats in the heart of another


#Books #Reading #education #authors
"The object we call a book is not the real book, but its potential, like a musical score or seed." "Learning how to be a good reader is w
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this is  a catt tonıght  this garden  apartment   ı am doıng  chesse  ans mılk   put    but    ın   my not room because  this  room people very bad
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Sherry Nouraini

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*So great to see +Leap to Success here, they do amazing things for women in domestic abuse situations!

You can help spread hope during Domestic Violence Awareness month.
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Sherry Nouraini

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Why traditional approach to the marketing funnel is not the best avenue  for social media marketing

World's shortest HOA #Take5HOA  is tacking this question on Monday in 5 just 5 minutes.  

Would love it if you joined the discussion!
"I want to use social media to market my business to as many people as I can": That's what I hear quite often

Here is the link for mobile viewers:  When in doubt about social media,, flip the funnel by Sherry Nouraini

This kind of approach to marketing via Social Media comes from years of using a funnel as a metaphor for how things should be done.  The traditional way of thinking is to herd as many people as you can down the wide open end of the funnel and hope that some of them would come out of the narrow end (convert).

I would argue that this line of thinking is not the best way to approach social media, and  I'll tell you why in 5 minutes on Monday.

Hope  you join the discussion and share your thoughts.

Here is a link to our community where we continue the discussion over the next week:

If you find these 5 minute shows useful, please share them with others who may be interested in the topic.

#Take5HOA   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #socialmediastrategy   #marketingfunnel   #marketingtips  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Captive Touch. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
When in doubt about social media,, flip the funnel by Sherry Nouraini
Mon, October 6, 2014, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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