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Damn, looks like I'm not going to any bars in Myrtle Beach this summer!
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I hate that collectively American's decided that they didn't need rights granted to them by the Constitutional Amendments.  Let's get those rights back.  We can start with demanding that, even on the internet,  the 4th amendment is something we must have.  No unjustified/unwarranted search and ceisure should be tolerated for any reason.
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Even worse: the bill of rights was not intended to grant rights to citizens, but merely to state those rights and prevent congress usurping them.  The 10th is my favorite, I think, though many states seem to have bogarted it from the people.
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Sheridan Layman

Shared publicly  - tshirts are often sold via Think geek.  This is my new favorite tshirt, I wear it often.

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Richmonders are panicking. "What fools these mortals be!"
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Sheridan Layman

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I'm a pro-choice, Satan-loving, worshipper of the savage culture of death!
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This is such typical conservative projection. It's so obvious that it's just boring at this point. Oh, so you're anti-gay and pro-family, 'cept married-guy airport bathroom wide-stance foot-tapping; you're vigorously protecting the rights of children, 'cept every daddy gets to have two-dozen firearms around the house, you know, because protection, except that nasty little statistic about how those guns are way more likely to blow off yer little 'uns heads, or be involved in DV shootings, or owner suicides, etc. etc. The GOP can't even generate an interesting psychopathology at this point. It just reduces to, "let's pretend we hate all the things we are." Wake me when they do something different.
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Tell the government to get a warrant!
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Sheridan Layman

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For those who believe it's ok for the government to know everything about you and collect "meta data" on the books you buy through Amazon,  bulk food staples you buy at Sam's or Costco, who you call, what was discussed during those conversations, what you say in a public setting, and read your email I say beware.

Remember, thanks to the Patriot Act that our congress passed, and continues to renew, intelligence agencies have no limits to the scope of their surveillance - nor does their appear to be any oversight outside of the intelligence agencies themselves.  Yes Mr. Fox, I trust you to guard my hen house. 

Also, as an American citizen, you can be picked up, detained indefinately, subjected to "enhanced interogation techniques", not allowed to see a lawer or even know what you are being held for and what evidence justifies that detainment.

But hey, it keeps everybody safe.  So, thanks you unlucky bastard!

And remember if you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide.  It doesn't matter if you understand what is being judged as "wrong" or not.
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+Sheridan Layman Hey Sheridan, here is the link for the bumper sticker, it is only a $1 now:
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Hello all,

I'm looking for a #philanthropic  effort/organization in Richmond, Virginia (#RVA) that needs help with technology use, implementation, education, or outreach.

Professionally I'm a project manager/scrum master with 30 years experience in technology implementation, service, development, and education.  I am not a developer but I've spent most of my life bridging the gap between customers/clients and technologists/developers to deliver the right solution at the right time.

My preference would be to go through a local organization to mentor underprivileged/at risk youth, adults needing to update their skills to re-enter the workforce, or those who are updating their knowledge and skills to break the minimum wage ceiling.

I am also willing to consult with other organizations outside the local area.

I have searched for such opportunities on different volunteer opportunity sites but have not yet found anything dealing with technology that is in the local area.  I have found some In the #DC  area, but that would be more of a weekend trip or consulting opportunity and less of a chance of frequent face to face contact.

I'm not looking to pick up customers or gain an extra revenue stream but rather to try and find a way to give back or "pay it forward" for those who otherwise would not have the opportunity to intermingle creativity and purpose with technology.

I can be contacted via this post, email, or Google Hangout.

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Some day's I wonder why I'm an Scrum Master/PM and contractor.  Oh yeah, it's the pay check!  The only frustrating thing is living in a city that use technology but doesn't make it.  Because of that I can never predict when my contract will end or when the next one will come around the corner.  Bummer being unemployed, and boring after 4 weeks.

Where are all the telecommuting and work from home jobs they promised us back at the turn of the century?  Why do we have to be an executive or make $10-15 dollars an hour to get the ones that do exist?

sigh  Some days I wish I was a coder rather than a PM/Scrum master.  thinks  Nah, I don't.

#technology #telecommuting #unemployed #jobsearch
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Quite a choice there!
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PMI Project Management, Agile Practice, Scrum, Kanban
Dad, Geek, Project Manager, MBA Student
When I was younger I had few interests and laser focus.  As I have gotten older I find that I bounce around from subject to subject, learning a little bit about a variety of subjects but never becoming an expert on any of them.

I am currently an IT Infrastructure PM working on a large Windows infrastructure upgrade, infrastructure redundancy enhancement, and Notes to Exchange migration projects.

I have been a software development project manager specializing in web applications utilizing a mixture of scrum, agile, kanban, and traditional waterfall methodologies.

I hold personal interests in progressive ideology, electronics, robotics, physics, new technology, mythology, folklore, Game Development, Cloud Computing, and hermetical philosophy.
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