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It may seem obvious, but when choosing a health care agent, if at all possible, pick someone who lives NEAR you. It makes a big difference in an emergency!

Ask your parents what medications they take and their prior medical history. It will help you make faster decisions in a medical crisis.

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Did you know 80% of the 2.5 million people who file for disability benefits are initially denied? Working with an experienced disability attorney can help.

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If you loan one child money, it may be a good idea to create a will that allows for unequal bequeaths. We can help you do this with the least possible chance of conflict.

Most people think of Estate Planning only being needed after death. However, if you become incapacitated, your estate plan can ensure that someone is in place to make medical and financial decisions on your behalf.

One of the most important reasons for estate planning is to reduce or eliminate the government’s ability to interfere with your personal affairs

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Make sure that you don’t leave your loved ones without a plan if you should die or become incapacitated.

Have you thought about your preferences for life support? Have you legally documented them?

An Executor in your Will is not an honorary title you bestow upon someone you love and respect. There’s a lot of work involved. Choose wisely!
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