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Sheri Candler

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"Whedon tells the WSJ that he actually made more money from his self-produced Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long blog, a musical that premiered on the internet, than he did from The Avengers."
You might think that director Joss Whedon took a record-setting paycheck for director Marvel’s [...]
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That makes sense, as everyone in the film business works to get paid a "fee" or a "rate", regardless if the film performs well or not.  The producers and studios who control the licenses always make the cash.  George Lucas is famous for saying that he made all his money on action figures.  The name of the game is "license control".
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Sheri Candler

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Finally, the drop off in cinema audience has been noted by the bigger chains. If they are noticing, I can imagine what the smaller guys are feeling. 
The box office may be booming, but the kids are not all right. That was the takeaway from the kickoff to CinemaCon, the exhibition industry confab that began Monday in Las Vegas. Disney distributio...
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Here in New Mexico we're working together with our theaters to help bring back the "theater going experience" with premiere events to celebrate our state's filmmakers!
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The annual list is out from +MovieMaker Magazine to help with your submissions for the Summer and Fall. #filmfestivals  
The 50 film festivals worth the entry fee in 2015. MovieMaker Magazine's annual list of the venues where attendees get more fest than the rest.
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Thanks Birthday girl!
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A great look into what constitutes a nimble and more profitable distribution strategy even if the media and lay people don't recognize it. #distributionstrategy  
The Alamo Drafthouse founder on the important precendent the movie has set for independent film distribution.
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Some worthy advice if you are using Twitter to brand yourself or your film/production company. #socialmedia #Twitter #marketing  
Today, I'm going to share seven steps with you to help increase your Twitter engagement by 100% in a couple of months.
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Sheri Candler

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If you have a moderately successful Youtube channel and are thinking about joining with an are some qualities to look for before you sign. 
YouTube multi-channel networks (aka MCNs) have a fairly dubious reputation in our current online video ecosystem. Some MCNs are bad actors, some are just ignorant of their mistakes, and some are incapable of living up to the expectations they create for the channels in their networks even though they may have the best intentions. Some networks will promise creators millions of views, stardom, untold riches, mysterious brand deals that are always ...
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If you are interested in learning more about numbers, such as how much is an independent film worth in the market, what are the usual splits with middlemen, how much might you need to distribute for yourself...Read on. #digitaldistribution   
Getting distribution for your movie is more important than getting it made. Is there a way improve your side of the distribution equation? Yes there is.
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Thanks for the share +Sheri Candler .  Leipzig definitely has that executive perspective.  He is familiar working with films that get made for $400,000 and have prominent festival play.  Hopefully the über independent filmmaker who is making their $2,000 film can manage their expectations or understand the need to level up and work with other partners to break into this playing field that Adam writes about.
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Sheri Candler

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Is your film project investment grade? A big part of answering the question is how MARKETABLE is your film and you can build that in from the start IF you do the research, write the plan, and set the film up for marketability. 

Check out what Slated is doing to help you evaluate your projects. 
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Anyone here about to hit the film festival circuit? Here is some advice from programmers. Peter Baxter has some particularly interesting advice. #filmfestivals  
Festival programmers share their tips and advice for making the most out of the film festival experience.
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Knowing about clearances is useful for your #distribution contracts. Pay attention to what is said about fair use with music. 
"If your lawyer doesn't think this can be possible, have your lawyer email us and we'll send him an article that explains it."
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Words to think about from Ted Hope. It still feels like most producers I talk to don't know (or don't want to accept...or think it doesn't apply to their film) the world of film distribution is VERY different than it was in 2006.

Making a film is now only a step in a very long journey, it isn't the end of the journey. #filmdistribution  
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I would still engage on social media and I would budget to have extra help with the project. I actually do write (books, articles, blogs), work on several film marketing projects, post to social media and work a full time job. It is really more of a matter of incorporating identity development into your life rather than thinking about it only when you need something. 
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Are you willing and able to be an open creator?

"Unlike TV [or cinema] audiences, viewers will get to know you or your brand on a more intimate and interactive level. This means you have to actively and directly engage your fans instead of sitting back and hoping they’ll get engaged all by themselves." #audiencebuilding  
When it comes to growing your audience on YouTube, there are several important things you have to consider. First and foremost...
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Good Job
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Creators should have a direct connection to their audience.
Uses online tools to find, cultivate and analyze audience engagement. A thought leader with the reputation as the “go to person” for information on the changing landscape of media.
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