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Standard corporate backfire. The more you hide the truth, the more it wants to be free.
Rob Malda originally shared:
VISA/Mastercard stopped Mythbusters from revealing how trackable & hackable RFID actually is.
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I <3 my kena kai wallet. Had it for years, can't brag about it enough.
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Right on the money. (Thanks, Pinky)
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This one pisses me off on a daily basis, not because programmers are bad but because the software we are asked to build is awful (web or compiled). Personally, I blame the nerds for allowing the world to be run by philandering jackalopes that care more about their golf game than their families. Nerds should have come out of their introspective hidey-holes long ago and put all these "natural born leaders" down.

Until we all acknowledge that we build shit for idiots, we aren't going to realize any real progress. There are so many advancements that aren't even being pursued because people are so depressed about the state of the industry that they just work their day job, get paid, and drink to forget that they spent years in college studying uber shit only to come out and work on gibberish because it felt like an epiphany to a 50 year-old marketing exec still pissed that his wife wants her own car.

I stress every day to the devs I work with (especially the young ones) that if you aren't writing code at home, you are wasting your time and (more importantly) your talent. Write code for yourself. Critique that shit, and write it better. Rinse. Repeat.

As an example, I can only see one huge realm of vast improvement: video games. Why? It's the only industry you still see where the genius that came up with the idea is still running the company. This shouldn't be an exception, it should be the norm, but we are so hell-bent on making shareholders happy that we lose sight of what is important: risk, surprise, and dare we even consider it, innovation. It's so frustrating to see people running technology companies that obviously could give a shit about their own product.
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Shepherd Kendall

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Congrats, Apple fanboys. You got yet another iDontCare.
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I laughed so hard milk came out my nose when I read the spin from fanboys on engadget's review of the event: "the phone isn't 4g because Apple engineered the device to get 4g speeds using 3g hardware". Uh. good luck with that. In Dallas I get 34 MB down with my phone. There is no way that phone is going to get anywhere close to even 5 MB down with its antenna and on AT&T's craptastic network.
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Shepherd Kendall

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Chris Cho originally shared:
Wow, this is great!

The device itself is placed behind the ear and no part of it is visible. It doesn't have a speaker or a microphone. It uses the outer part of the ear to funnel sound coming toward it and send it down the ear canal.

This implant takes vibrations and turns them into electrical signals. These are then sent to its sound processor. Then, through a small mechanical stimulus, the electrical signals are sent to your brain, so that the brain can work out what is being said.

(full story:
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Shepherd Kendall

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The crappy thing about being in India is that everybody I want to talk to right now is asleep.
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You should work the night shift.
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Shepherd Kendall

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me: if jesus had lived now, would he be googleable?
Roger Studner: only on Bing
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Shepherd Kendall

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Sascha Pallenberg originally shared:
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Jennifer Bailey originally shared:
I couldn't resist sharing this, huge Game of Thrones fan :D

You can find it on Red Bubble as a tee.

Winter is Coming

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You call yourself a salesman, you son of a bitch?
Fiery the angels rose, and as they rose deep thunder roll'd. Around their shores: indignant burning with the fires of Orc.
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Great staff, family run, they have a little of everything. I've never walked in and not found anything I needed/wanted. Support local business, shop here.
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I went to this store on a Saturday for the first time. I'll never go again. Claustrophobic space, limited quantities of supplies. They didn't even have something simple like a hydrometer. I would have asked if they had any in the back but they were too busy ignoring customers to help. Stood in the store for 15 minutes as people just piled up in line. I walked out wanting to never brew beer again.
Quality: Poor to fairAppeal: Poor to fairService: Poor to fair
Public - a year ago
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3 reviews
Great bar, lots of Sinatra memorabilia. Owner is a fantastic bar tender and the other bar tenders are very friendly. This is a great place to stop for a cold beer and good camaraderie.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago