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Shepard just received this from his good friend Space Invader. Invader adjusts each Rubik's Cube by hand to create these pieces.
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Awesome..... I know it took lots of time and patients.
awzum how long did it take u to do dat..."?
There was a larger Martin Luther King mural at Grand Rapids, MI Art Prize.
space invader toujours dans la place !!!! big up from montpellier
is it really true??? unbelievable...
I just saw the movie "Exit through a Gift shop"
talks all about the nature of graffiti
Should really watch it on netflix or something
looks like space invader
Why does Shepard refer to himself in the third person?
Art comes in many forms, Painting, Photography, poetry and yes Rubik cubes;)) this is a true talent to be-able to get the profile just right. Amazing work!
Wow! What a brain in action! Unbelievable.
i'm agree with Victor :D CS 4ever!!! OBEY it's pure original art, i wish you come to argentina.
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