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David Lynch is one of the most unique voices in American cinema and a truly creative and fascinating guy all around. He makes great visual art and has an amazing Transcendental Meditation charity, The David Lynch Foundation. I have worked with David on his foundation and he is a great guy. The final part of a three part documentary series on David is being worked on and they are partially financing the project through Kickstarter. Check out this link and if you dig David Lynch help facilitate a great documentary. -Shepard

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‎2012-03-25 Spare Time Killers DVD - test sales copy! Exciting times! This just arrived in the mail! So it's official! And will be available for purchase on Amazon in 5-7 business days! And already available here:
Wow! A movie I wrote, produced, directed, and acted in with my friends is officially official!!!

Spare Time Killers - DVD
Spare Time Killers The saga of two longtime hit-man friends. When one decides it's time to retire- the other one goes on a deadly rampage! Three short films combined: "Spare Time Killers: Blanc Et Noir" "Spare Time Killers 2: You Killed My Twin Brother! You Must Die!" "Spare Time Killers 3: The Fina...
Mr. Lynch has been a source of inspiration for me for years. Thanks for this post and for supporting his foundation. I'll be 'kicking' into this. :-)
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