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This is just a concept I did during my break. #dotview
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That is super cool!! That alone makes me want to get an M8
Shen Ye
It's funny how on a 1080p phone, people care more about a 27x48 array...
My mate (a normal not a phone nerd) was telling me about "some Asian guy hacking the case. It's wicked good"

You, sir have made it.

YES! I knew someone could do this! That is so cool!
Shen Ye
+Patrick Van Dyke It's just an image I got DotView app to show. I wish I had the time to even attempt make a tetris game.
He was just searching the Internet about the dot case because I convinced him to buy one, and he came across it. 
Oh man, You had me. I suggested to L.Momii that someone should create some retro games to play with the DotView I just figured she recruited you. Still looks cool.
Incredible since I tweeted you about Tetris and/or Snake
I'm anxiously waiting for 30 - 40 of these phones stacked and turned into a flipbook.
Wait, is there any actual control of the dot case possible, or is this some root-requiring magic?
WOAH! Awesome! Any ETA for like a released app or something :p haha
woh amazing.looks something extraordinary.
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