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Want the red phase beam live wallpaper from the Google Editions? It's called SunBeam, just download it from the link below and push it to /system/app

Update: Play Store link:
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All i did was adb sysrw and the adb push <file location\SunBeam.apk> /system/app  
I used root explorer, just moved the .apk into /system/app (after a quick r/w mount, and then put it back to r/o after the move) - then reboot device.
Can we get this on the Play Store? I'm willing to host it on my account.
+Steven Bell I don't think you can. Google hasn't made photosphere available in other phones beside the ones that are available for sale on the Play Store. They would probably remove it.
+Daniel Benitez I think he means the live wallpaper in which case there are already some up in the play store. The camera/gallery apk on the other hand would not be allowed as you would be distributing googles own apps in the Play store, not under their name :)
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