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These people actually....exist...?

Edit: Higher res
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People should have their internet privileges revoked!!

Only you would share a screenshot of twitter that's this blurry / compressed....

This screenshot
Shen Ye
Doesn't matter. Still better than 240p.
In the end, Darwin always wins!
(clapping) Well done public schools, Well done!
what is all this BC nonsense? those arent really years, right?
The gov spends more on prisons than on schools, that's probly why
Wow just wow, these kids are our future
One can only pray that they don't have offsprings to carry on the stupidity. 
stupid people propagate much faster than intelligent people. havent you seen idiocracy?
It's not public education that's the problem.  It's the underfunding of schools and teachers that's the problem.
That and the people infiltrating our education system trying to replace evolution with creationism and rewriting our history books to be less "liberal".  
+Tod Anderson, school learning. yer not from around here are ya?
ahhh the power of not evolving....
the only problem with their edu-non-cation is that it seems to be Sunday School....
are these people real?
its fake
yep for them AD is ...Awful Dumb
There's entirely too much heresy up in this bitch, y'all.
the world is about 5000 years old according to holy book not 2012 years old ;) the world gets dumber and dumber.........
Dumb blonde and dumb black womens and kid smarter than both of them dummy's 
AD (anno omini )and BC (before Christ). Get some education first, people.
+Chris Jeter You're right, of course, about the political mechanics of our school system.  But there's an even more basic problem: not only are there some few people that want schools to ignore science and teach religion instead, but there's almost everyone else that says "it's OK to be stupid. And we should tolerate stupidity and ignorance just like we tolerate bigotry of all sorts." And, not only are there a whole bunch of people that tolerate such lunacy, but there are people that use that basic lack of rational thought to be come famous enough to get elected. Can you believe that? ELECTED to Federal office!
Further proof that humanity has managed to avoid Darwinian Law.
Maybe that is some kind of humor… XD
Crazy people that earth is 10,000 years old.
Wow, I can't believe it. I wonder what would be in the future with people like this. One thing is certain, not good. Then again these people would be easy to control 
Must be some kinds of aliens lol
Wow... BTW, +Raul Flores , I'm not angry or anything but to avoid certain arguments with random people I would recommend not saying controversial things. (Some might say it's millions of years old... However... I AGREE W/ U!!!! xD) (I like arguing with random people... =P)
God must love stupid people or he wouldn't have made so many!
Mark C
ROFL, these guys are funny.
An example of todays edumakation
+Chris Jeter no offense, but there was prayer in schools 40 years ago. It's not creationism that's messing up schools. If anything, it's that schools spend more time telling kids to accept everyone as their equal than teaching them math.
Rob Go
A new level of retarded.
someone please send them back to whatever planet they came from...
............................. mankind has the power to really depress me on occasion. We live in a society in which we take things like public education for granted; it frankly makes me upset... then again, this is the interwebz, which is the homeland of ignorance! 
They must be some of our "lower life-forms" from over at Facebook.  Dipping real low in the ol' gene pool on this one...
LOL...They are all true blondes! :)
I don't want to live in this world anymore...
Oh wow that's just bravo. C:
twitter has alot to do with the being and or the actual formation of an may in fact be a primary cause of...or at least a significant contributor of.... whereas all us goggle+ people are least we can overstate the obvious...500 times!!!
what do u expect from the offspring of the post war generation?
Good luck with their careers in porn.
I see dumb people.

And most of them don't even know they're dumb!
Do narwhals swim in the ocean !!!
holy shit i would like to find those retards…
Scary thing is that these people are reproducing... 
Idiots. Everyone knows people were created 5000 years ago. Duh.
Apple should patent stupidity and sue the US...
Not if they don't exist !!!
The next leaders of our country. God help us all.
How do those of you who commented on these kids being a product of schools know if they even came from there. They could be just plain dumb. Public ed is not the problem, its teachers who are just there collecting a pay check and don't care.
These people are ignorant and stupid, if they're that old they should know about heritage, they're just so stupid.
That's why you don't have intercourse with a relative.
There are people out there that think that the Titanic is just a movie. +Grant Lewis apple would lose too many customers, haven't you seen their commercial. 
Yes. Yes they do... ignorance is rampant unfortunately.
Bahaha! Yes people actually existed BEFORE Jesus...
But wasn't like Jesus the guy who started everything?  How can anything exist before Jesus? :p (j/k folks)
thats christian schools for ya.... nothing lived before christ
LuciO M
They are out there among us. 
We can't even blame creationist education. Don't they even give us something like 5000 years ago?
We need to clear out the gene pool 
I'm sure she will try to water plants with Gatorade too.
2012 is AD and the game started near about 776 BC , now add it up
it's not 3000 though but pretty close ;)
Where can i sign up for idocracy? I think i want to live an easy skate through life kinda life.
Everyone on the internet knows that the number of years people have been alive is over 9000!
sometimes i weep for the human race, and cheer on the other species.
I love how it seems people assume these three gifts to humanity are Americans.  If you actually check them out on the Twitter you can easily deduce they are British.
The way they are talking in that photo, you'd think human civilization just started 6 months ago.
it's 2012 AD---ano domini (after death) our current timeline is based on the death of Christ--hence the terms BC (before Christ) so it is possible the olympics were going on...although more commonly known as Roman Games...Gladiator???? 
its called "before the common era" xP
These are the people who think milk originates in the grocery store.
oh my, peoples ignorance never ceases to amaze me!
the reason kids need to stay in school. we have enough morons in the world now.
Kevin, being in pub ed for the last 14 years i dont believe in your comment. There are truly teachers who dont give a damn. They just come in and are just complainig and just doing enough to stay under the radar. As a result the students can't relate or find any relevance in whats being taught. They become disinterested and make bad choices in class that get them in trouble.

B.C. Doesn't always stand for British Colombia wow people are stupid and just think these are the people who elect world leaders our future looks bleak 
It's because we took Christ out of the schools....those years don't exist anymore ;)
The Olympics were started by the Greeks to honor their gods 
are you fucking serious???? The continual growth of stupid people is at an alarming rate!

This is why I am a BIG supporter of euthanasia for stupid people. 
I stand by the opinion that modern medicine is actually bad for the human race as a whole, i mean yes i owe my life to it but i am by far not the most fit individual to survive, but that of course is my opinion
They do exist. On facebook. Lol
I doubt these people got a high school degree.
LoL  someone needs a book about the years,  The Bible maybe?
Ah  atheism still sxists and they never learned the concept.
its 2012 ad (after the birth christ) there was time before the birth christ
so 3000 years would be 988 bc where the greeks start the first olympics not that funny when you have brain
cant kill em...Its like The Riddler said..."if you kill em they wont learn nothing..."
+Donald Carroll No offense right back at you but you're wrong.  Creationism is messing up our schools.  Evolution is backed up by many decades of evidence tested and retested under several disciplines.  And we're supposed to replace that with religious mythology?  *NO* 

Or maybe we should go with Norse mythology (Thor is popular nowadays, right?) and teach our kids that the earth is made up of a giant's bones.  
Ahahah my ass just fall off
I saw a photo of a coin from an archaeological site, and the date minted on the coin was 50 B.C., so there must be more than 2012 years
evolution and religion wont matter soon....Neo should be making his way thru the Matrix any minute now
+Alex Wilson You are misinformed. It only says that if you decide to read Genesis compleatly literally and not read Revelations where it explains that 7 days was just to help early humans understand it.
idiots.                       lol
Making assumptions & judging people over what may be sarcastic comments likely says more about you than it may say about them…
They may exist but not in our time! Or should I say they exist beyond this world.
yes, there are stupid people, but it is not just thanks to teachers that do not care, it is also thanks to PARENTS that do not care as well.... I see so many people totally ignore their kids to go online and go onto dating sites and chat and that is all they do, so how can teachers, who only are around these kids for a few hours a day possibly teach the kids of parents like this? duh.....
(by the way, my older son is attending MSOE, and my younger son read a college anatomy textbook at age 12, so it just shows it is up to parents and teachers alike to teach our kids, so hopefully we do not end up with a world of morons like these people.....)
although i think its fake, i do know from experience that such dumb people do exist...
+Chris McKay One more correction: there was nothing Roman about them. Greek all the way. Olympia in Greece was the site of the ancient games.
Please give me back my believe in mankind and tell me that this is a fake!
I have 2 things to say...
1. derp =P
2. I hope to all things stupid that this is fake!
the world we 'live' in is just a dream world made up by the think thats really BS you're smelling now?
Hey don't give public schools all the credit for these geniuses, good genes, clean healthy living and a well balanced breakfast all come into play in creating champions such as these.
Omg. further proof that Gregorian calendar sucks.

either that or infinite stupidity
+Matthew Couto no - most of the ones I know use it all the time... most I also know cannot put more than 140 characters together also.. so its the perfect platform...
It's probably unhealthy how angry this makes me. I hope to shit they are trolling.
Anyone ever heard of the Greek Empire? 
I hope for the sake of all that's good and right with the universe that those people were kidding around.
Otherwise (simply) we are doomed.
Am I the only one who feels like a little part of their soul just died along with a crap load of brain cells.
i thought they were just myth ... -_-
ahahahahahah i love stupid people....they make me seem smarter
plants and animals are going extinct but stupid people are not even on the endangered species list....
Lost a lil more of my faith in humanity
I really had a good laugh from this one, this is just too funny and not only do they vote, they are teachers, peace officers and nurses.
Haven't they heard of Wikipedia? Yup - I think we are getting ready to be assimilated!
Slaps hand to forehead wow!
These people deserve a year's worth of Brawndo. It's got electrolytes, it's what plants crave!
This is what the Mayans really predicted. Inane Twitter conversations that depict the fall of humankind. Get ready for the end of the world in December...
Just plain dumb, am sure they have never read a two hundred page book.
it,s not stupidity..... it,s ignorance ...... History has a few fan,s ......
and that,s the Result of that ....
c'mon, folks, don't take everything too seriously and turn everything into a political or social discussion.  plz just relax and enjoy a good laugh for once.
Russell Edgington has been alive 3000 years
This reminds me of Mitt Romney...
Mitt Romney+president=Movin' to Canada
Hope this doesn't make anyone mad... but it's true.
it must be one purpose (at least that's one logical explanation)
The olympics were created in 776 b.c. to honor the Greek God Zues. History is recorded in two forms b.c. In which the calendar years counted down to 1 b.c. (b.c. Dates as far back as when the universe was created but as far written history it goes back to about 3000 b.c.) . After 1 b.c. It began counting up from 1 a.d. (there is no 0 in either a.d. or b.c.) to where we are now 2012 a.d. Remember though that the earth herself has been around for millions of years. Additionally it is incorrect to state they have been around for 3000 years as they were not held from about 393 a.d. until 1859. The modern international olympics began in1896 a.d. 
I love how some say creationism is invading... its the other way around. Creationism was here first, an then u say evolution is science. False. Its theory, an its been proven wrong. On the time scale at least. As far as proving we evolved thats been load of crap from start. There was a nice dig site of dino tracks in a old river bed, an when excavating they found human tracks, an dog tracks. All from same period. Of course darwin cant allow this, so some angry people take pick axes to it. But i believe some more was unearthed later at same site, i will hafta check the book again to see where at.
Anyone looking for someone to talk to?i am alive and i know i dont have a pic but i can send one!anyone???lol
Sure, they exist, but not in my Circles, TYVM ;o)
mike m
Never underestimate how dumb people can be
nahhhh. give those people a chance. as human, we can be dumb sometimes regardless of the level.
there are many people on the planet who should not repepduce. these are some of those people.
I know Im gonna get hell for this, but to all the Facebook least I havent seen it google+ does three or four times a least on this computer anyway
Some people need to go back to school. If you think we only been around for 2012 years you really need to think again. You have BC an then Ac. Study up people. You just might learn something. Oh but I guess you think milk comes from a bottle or carton
+Chris Jeter you're tying stupidity ignorance quite simply to religion and politics...? Regardless of whichever agenda you subscribe to (not that it's not too painfully difficult), to nonchalantly toss in a little political dig is, to say the least, a stretch. Some people, regardless of the quality of their education, are just too caught up in mundane dalliance and society has become increasingly complacent with this. Society as a whole is more to blame. There, that's a stretch for you.
If a day passes but Man hasn't evolved yet, is it still a day?
I can't believe they breathe the same amount of oxygen has we do...
actually one of the first olympic sports was TIC TAC TOE ... cept it had a different name ... yep the "CHESS" of the day ... what a sport {lol}
we can say we are in 2012 , but life started from unknown date,that time  there was no system to count any thing, The Indian scripture describes time in four ages Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga , Dvapara Yuga and kaliyuga .Most interpreters of Hindu scriptures believe that Earth is currently in Kali Yuga.. The Kali Yuga is sometimes thought to last 432,000 years, although other durations have been proposed.[4]The duration and chronological starting point in human history of Kali Yuga has given rise to different evaluations and interpretations. According to one of them, the Surya Siddhanta, Kali Yuga began at midnight (00:00) on 18 February 3102 BCE[1] in the proleptic Julian calendar, or 14 January 3102 BC in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.
Priceless!!! Who said evolution works one way?
people you have to realize when they say 3000 years you have to take in to consideration  the abbreviations BC and AD BC is before Christ and AD is After the Death of Christ. we are in the AD so yes the Olympics have been around as long as they say it has. 
Some people are just not in it with society. They live under rocks.
Chris, we spend significantly more on education than most nations and continue to get, well, this. Perhaps the problem is the liberal education system, the wasted money, the govt passport shufflers and all the other ways to waste resources.
0.o I've heard that dinosaurs lived at the time. o.0
Do you think they also had games? ;)    -_-
They have too many millenium exposures i guess... Did they not learn anything about history? Feel sorry for them :(
How can they be that stupid and still breathe?
Unfortunately they look good enough to be likely to breed. And probably dumb enough to in very prodigious numbers.
I just don't understand why the bible thumpers can't figure out that they had a decimal out of place... It would solve half their problems like time and reason. If a day for god could be accepted as 1,000,000,000 years then there estimate of 6 days would be pretty close.

+Jeff Leaper i know you were kidding but I have to ask any way, don't you think it would be odd for them to write B.C. On a coin that was minted before the term B.C. Was used. During WWI, no one called it World War 1.

+Bo Burnham "I been rocking this mic since before electricity, way back in a thousand BCE, thats before the common era, era, era..."
Looks like these people dropped out after middle school
Bunch of idiots dats why. Been going on since Ancient Greek times.
Les, keep voting dumbocrats and they will continue to spend more that almost any other country for an education system that continually produce students who "feel" special but can't spell it.
+Srinidhi Rao Did you really just reference Wikipedia in a debate about education... A user editable source of information... Really?!? I Mean for two uears it said I invented the Dolphin... I wonder if that made it into any kids school reports... Oops.
This makes me sad for humanity as a whole ...
I think the post by +Jeff Leaper may qualify for the next installment of "stupid posts on G+"
No. According to the bible the world is about 7,000 years old. Egypt the first civilization has documented history of about 5,000 years
Yes, they exist
Sadly, they also vote and txt while driving.
Be afraid, be very afraid
Hj W
LOOLOOLLOLOLLOOL I can't type LOL enough...
Making fun of stupid people is fun, isn't it?
I'll b shocked if one of them became president one day
They exist.
They vote.
We're doomed.
These people are classic examples of the failing of the education system and there own ability to use Google to find out for themselves the information about the Olympics. 
Please educate them B.C.
The hell with BC/AD learn how to spell !!!!!!!!!!!!!! to all the retards above me
Hah. +Shen Ye  These people have existed for more than 3000 years. They will always exist. And they will always be a substantial part of every culture. Your young and you think you've discovered something new. It isn't new. It's well over 3000 years extant.
"The math.... It just doesn't add up.
Do us all a favour and stay at school!
There's this strange thing called "B.C."...
These people are NOT our future leaders; they will be our ditch diggers.
Did anything exist before Google? How is that even possible?
I'm praying they're not part of any helpline I have to use.
And they say women are smarter. Hahaha now we know the truth. JK dont label me a sexist. Just a joke.
Hey.. they must be joking around man. 
Mind implosion, EWPORGUJ NO WORDS. Surely these people are not the same species.
Only two things are infinite. The universe, and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the universe. - AE
...zak rog confused everybody with his comment that the olympics returned at their home...ofcourse maybe he was confused too because the marbles of the parthenon are in the UK....
History is easier to remember when you've lived it <_<
For some reason such statements never surprise me.
These people have to try to be stupid
these r not ppl. biologically, they should be classified under zombies. lol
Oh I just face palmed so hard. Do these people not pay attention in school?
There are really some stupid ignorant people..
Its called "B.C." people. Come on we can't be that stupid. History shows that the Olympics started in Greece "B.C"
O... Fuck me. How are people so stupid. Do they walk around with there eyes closed
I thought even the bible said that God created everything around 6000 years ago...?
(I said "even")
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers...
It's sad really that most of people would rather insult and demean people for their ignorance rather than educate. It's system failure on a global scale and most of the people commenting here are part of it. Change is in all of us lets make it happen for a better future. 
Maybe they were being sarcastic! Give them a break.
Jesus did not create the world, a few doors maybe...he was a carpenter I heard
+Andrew Ross  I'm not sure but I think you said I stretched religion and politics to be the cause of stupidity and ignorance -- just to make a political dig.  And you blame society and people's daily idleness.  

Umm... no.  There was an earlier part of the conversation that you might have missed.  I am saying that part of the reason why people are ignorant (as in lacking knowledge or having bad knowledge) is that our kids are being taught things that are simply not true.  Such as creationism, which is not true.  

I do agree that too many people are caught up in the daily brain draining of reality TV and petty gossip, etc.  But a better education system would help people to raise the level of conversation instead of having to sink to the lowest common denominator.  Side Note: Being a fan of "Dancing With The Stars" or whatever is fine.  It's not a problem unless that's the high point of someone's mental exercise.  

Kids get enough religious indoctrination in Sunday School (or whatever their religion's equivalent is).  Adding religious teaching to our public schools is a bad idea.  Unless you teach _all_religions and let people choose for themselves -- including none.  

We need to be teaching our children (and adults!) critical thinking skills to help them to use logic and fact checking to determine for themselves what is real and what isn't.   That is a large part of what is wrong with our society these days.  Too much garbage passing as reality. 

And this reply went on much longer than I intended, sorry.
It's a fake screenshot, tilt you screen a bit and you can see that the text has pixelated background - the image was edited.
and Eygpt was not the first civilization..maybe in eygpt...but not the world....where do people learn these things?
Some people didn't pay attention in history class
If stupidity was painful, we would need a heavy dose of morphine here.
I keep forgetting that people really are that stupid!  What are they teaching in schools nowadays?
These look to me like the people who asked in school, "why do I need to learn history?"
wow....That is all I can say. Just wow.
And to think these people can vote too.
well there you have it. 
I think the first and last one weren't being serious. The middle one though does sound suspiciously genuine.
Well,@jamie_1304 uses an iPhone and @seanabirdd and @EmBarrowxx use a Blackberry.  So yeah, pretty stupid.
wow that long i wasnt evan thought of then
Hurray for America's classrooms! Wow.
It is true that Olympic games started about 3000 years you know there is a mountain in Greece which is called olimp and there is a desert near this mountain called olimpia and there many many years ago there was a Religious meeting that through long eras it changed to sport games like to day.
It is true that Olympic games started about 3000 years you know there is a mountain in Greece which is called olimp and there is a desert near this mountain called olimpia and there many many years ago there was a Religious meeting that through long eras it changed to sport games like to day.
It is true that Olympic games started about 3000 years you know there is a mountain in Greece which is called olimp and there is a desert near this mountain called olimpia and there many many years ago there was a Religious meeting that through long eras it changed to sport games like to day.
It is true that Olympic games started about 3000 years you know there is a mountain in Greece which is called olimp and there is a desert near this mountain called olimpia and there many many years ago there was a Religious meeting that through long eras it changed to sport games like to day.
its a worry, they have the vote too
As the great Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth once said.... and I quote...
"I don't wanna live on this planet anymore..."
Lemme guess, this was on Facebook.
The sad part about all this is that people are uninformed... and with no hunger to better themselves and further their knowledge. The day you stop learning is the day you start dying...
at Blaque Chance, what holy book is that then?
They have been going since Greece was the major world power - a long time ago.
Comments like these make it extremely difficult to be proud of membership in the human race.
You can find them on the unemployment line (unless they have a trust fund ;)
Future politicians....
You just have to send that to Jay Leno, UNBELIEVABLE.
The middle one is a dumb blonde so its obvious...
AD is actually Anno Domini, not After Death of Christ. It is Latin for "The Year of our Lord". Next time you try to correct someone, make sure what you are saying is right.
:O Population of our planet has reached to 6.5 billion with these people!
Let's hope they were being facetious :-)
I believed in Darwinism until this moment, how have these people not wondered into pointy objects.
I get the feeling that their education was lacking in some respects :p
how bout the ones that didnt know the titanic was real?
 And we wonder why it seems life has gone to hell in a hand basket....LMAO
 Ignorance is the greatest danger to "humankind"
my piple we need 2 note dat God stil exists so folo his precepts
No. They weren't. Face it Paul, we live among a society of really, really stupid people. I know it's mind-bendingly stupid, but there it is. The future of our world is in the hands of these people. Oh woe is me.
+Matthew Duplissis , I ran into one of those once. I could feel my I.Q. falling rapidly as she argued that Titanic was just a movie.
Stone heng game s was to take 46 000 year to move a them hugd limeston s across them iceland s onlyto when the water wore froszen wales s 50.000.more brons age -! Life you aint getting out a live ,only what we put bk to see be for n to the future meny lands a stride i may see meny lands a wide .grate n google on to the next stone plant ing ,cool.
Stone heng game s was to take 46 000 year to move a them hugd limeston s across them iceland s onlyto when the water wore froszen wales s 50.000.more brons age -! Life you aint getting out a live ,only what we put bk to see be for n to the future meny lands a stride i may see meny lands a wide .grate n google on to the next stone plant ing ,cool.
ever heard eden was created -4600 years before Christ was born. Marking the year 1.
wow its nice to see so many critical people correcting others comments with the knowledge that makes them smarter than a third grader. I think I like the dumb people better than the dicks. I always thought sarcastic wit was fun, but not intended to be cruel....
we are more than seven billion people...there's bound to be at least 100 million who are like that...
Wow and these are the upcoming generation :/
Bruce, calm down dude, I think they got it the first three times!!! Im sure Jay Leno knows all about it!!! lol
How embarrassing for them. I know some stupid people but they don't argue in public w such an unused brain.. our educational system in all its glory...
jafar a
result of the education system!
how are they so old and still alive
What makes me laugh is the stupid people commenting here who can't spell, have no idea on basic grammar and are just as ignorant and stupid themselves. 
As for creationism and evolution, they have nothing to do with the educational standards or intelligence of people. 
Wake up world, open your eyes and really see.
These people are living proof of the theory of reverse evolution.  We have dumber, not smarter societies.  Troglodytes!
dont know if someone said it already but some of the comments are ridiculous act like the first man was the archeologist or whatever that set up the year. and different locations calender's have more or less months or what. yea. dig a hole.
natural selection will hopefully kick in at a certain point. 
No wonder there's so many religionists in the US!
old age is priceless ,but so many comments,how can other ones be read
someone needs to put more chlorine in the gene pool !
There should be sentences for such ignorance!
And I hope these people don't really exist...
I pray to god which I don't believe in that someone is pulling my leg or if they really are this stupid then you realise why there's a reason why siblings are not allowed to have kids...
Life is a reflection of possibilities a mirror of one reflection one image of unlimited thoughts
" Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it ." ~~ George Santayana
Yes, those people exist. Any conceivable behavior or level of ignorance probably exists in at least one person out of 7B.
Yikes, I weep for the future, I really do!
Possibilities, are all that is seen and unseen unlimited thoughts brings great lack of understanding.
People like this are bound to be around...somewhere this
These people scare me.  How do they function? Idiots.
this is almost as funny as the idiots that go on Jaywalking. they are in college ,some for at least 3 years already and don't know the answers to simple questions such as where did the statue of liberty come from ?
So true.
Simplified version: those people are probably second grade dropouts :3
the scary thing is that some have just enough of a clue to get elected into public service and that is really scary.
I can't believe there are ppl stupid enough to think the world & all humans have only been here for 2012yrs. Didn't they ever  wonder why it is called the 21st century.
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