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Finally, I managed to port Android 4.0 to the Playstation Vita. I used the HTC One V release RUU as a base. Here's a beta release. I've included instructions in the zip file.

and a system.img if you want to flash it from the bootloader:
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Shen Ye
I included a PSP emulator, It runs PSP .ISO and .CSO files perfectly, but it can't run Vita games.
Aosp with tablet ui would be awesome on the vita
I got it to boot...but Bluetooth doesn't work, any way to fix that... maybe my download was corrupted.. and md5sum? 
Don't really know why you went with Sense...
so is it fast as trage 3
Makes me want a Vita even more! ;_;
As for that PSP emulator, is that something I could get on my regular Android device?
If only Sony made it with native android 4.0, microSD slot and 5+ screen hours, it would be a hit. (with emulators of past handhelds AND with current PSP and Vita games)
This is crazy - what are the chances of bricking the Vita? Any way to boot back to the Vita OS once you've installed Android?
Wow, and smoother than some older Android devices running ICS. Nice work, vey nice.
Thats talent right there..."bravoo.....bravoo!!! ; )
this is a cleverly cruel prank. I'm thinking about actually doing this, and if you in fact have got this working I would love it if you could give me a detailed walkthough of how.
yup so cruel :L Would be so nice that this actually happens :P
i can't download , please reupload link ~.~ ! . thank you
its joke no men  tell me this a true os android running on ps vita but how install if no  way to get root of memory sony ps vita no linux recognize and windows no recognize the format how can install boo t but how if no recognize like sd hdd anyway tell me if you  now some thing   and how install os psvita again thanks.
There currently a system out there that looks similar to a vita that cost a hundred dollars
Can android games be played on the vita with this?

hello mr.shen ye  please please please i really need your help please when i click on the link Show me a page to log in Google account but in fact you are logged just  what should I do in this case by the way your achievement so great and I am looking forward to his experience please and thank you in advance 
Very nice. I just don't think it's worth the brick if it can't play ps vita games. And sense hogs ram, try touch wiz next. 
Hey Please update the links.  they are both dead.
Rain Ny
everybody to about link to download plz write it again ?
wow. it awesome. where did you learn that?
          i want to be games console development
The download don't work :( 
Can you repare this?
Car Kid
how do you put that on vita please and also will it still play vita games im on the latest firmware 3.60 can you talk and text on it too?
probabily i'm wrong but i think that this is a fake. Because the site doesn't exist
+bente segers Can you upload it to MEGA (or something of the like)? I couldn't seem to find the download in the PS Vita Homebrew section of gbatemp. Sorry if I'm being dump, but help would be very much appreciated.
Stop ask look the date.. It was an april fools
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