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You can't unsee this. :( 
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LOL "I hate you", but now I do too. :-/
Then why did you show us!?!? :(
Norman Li
Those who think "I hope I don't get that blue line on mine", you're fine. And I'll shut up...
I am not sure I like the clock being one pixel up.
I don't see the harm in this. If everything was on that blue line, then it would be bad and look "off"
Personally, I think your blue line optimizes for the wrong thing :) Aligning everything perfectly may mean some icons seem bigger than others. It's one of the main reasons action bar icons have extra padding—so that a visual designer can optimize their mass. Take a look at "Icon Size" here:
I just figured the clock was vertically centered. 
James Lee
Icons are centered based on their mass/distribution.   The carrier signal bar has a lower center of gravity so positioned higher.  The wifi signal bar has a higher center of gravity so positioned lower.  The battery icon is taller (extends down and up), and the text is centered.
This is much ado about nothing, really. +James Lee hits the nail on the head. 
Did someone at Samsung get their hands on the AOSP and introduce some TouchWiz code? 
I don't even have KitKat yet and I'm already dreading it...
So many people complaining over a NON ISSUE. WTF is wrong with you people? 
Beauty of FOSS.... Don't like it? Change it.
Looks fine on 4.3.1. Just sayin'.
Actually, when I first saw this my immediate thought was, "How come we're able to graph standard data as icon-sets and not do the same for time? It's two twelve hour cycles, how difficult is that to represent as a graph using iconography?"

And then I realized what you were pointing out and drew my own blue line, horizontally, right through the center of all four items, nodded, and said it looked fine to me. Except (returning to my previous grumbles) for that damn clock. SOMEONE PROPERLY ICONIZE TIME. Please.
But did they fix the one pixel in the back arrow? That's what really annoyed me 
I dont care.. I still dont have 4.4 on my 2.5yrs old s2... lol
Just got my Nexus5. Mine are all lined up properly.
Well there's your problem, there's a line on top of your icons. But seriously, get rid of the line, and they look aligned to your unaided eye.
If all Android has is 2 pixels off, it's still better than iOS7 guy. ;)
Shen Ye
+Ryan Jackson iOS does it better actually. They only have the clock off-centre.
I would have never noticed without seeing this post. 
its optical alignment. icons would look  larger than others if they were all the same height and aligned bottom.
Oh fuck!  I hate you with the heat of a 1000 suns.
There's a special place I'm hell for people like you. -.-
Just something else for CyanogenMod to fix. :p
its looks like its align in the middle.. not at the botton or the top..
I just finished vomiting in the toilet only to open Google+ and see this. Back to the bathroom to pray to the porcelain gods... :-( 
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