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After 800k downloads, my keyboard got Scroogled. 

Edit: to those being pedantic and saying "it's not your keyboard, you took it off the L preview", I reply that this is my (and chrisch's) modification of the keyboard, which contains bug fixes, standalone ability(so no root), and modified so Material is default on versions below l-preview. Also, most people would rather trust an apk I publish than one off a random xda page.
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I'll bet it's under 10 megs, now!
At least I still have it installed! 
I have it installed on my phone, tab and TV, use it every day. Hopefully they will get this straightened out
Shen Ye
My inbox is happy. No more stupid emails.
Shen Ye
Android L Keyboard
1-star until you put it back. And make it under 10MB. 
I still give you one star for poor execution of a screenshot. Your battery is not low and red like we asked for.
Erich W
+Shen Ye why don't you put it into app stores like slide me instead
Was it illegal to put it in the store? I mean what did he do wrong?
Shen Ye
I guess they didn't like a clone using their dictionary sync integration.
My keyboard for the foreseeable future, it's usurped the Sony one
Up that on Aptoide or alternative market if you don't want your work to get lost :D oh, don't put any email this time!
+Shen Ye the guy who kicked hornerts nest.
google detected threat and curbed.
your product is like mystiques will be analysed.😮
In that case please post it up on popular "developer website" and continue with your modding there 
He's got enough passwords now.
Maybe now we can sell the passwords to buy snowden his freedom 
What app is that? The email app you're using?
I'm sure eventually it'll come to the Play Store from Google
Throw the APK out there on the interwebs!
Ivan S
would really like this keyboard! could you throw it out on the webz!
Ahhh, that would explain why I couldn't find it on Google Play to install tonight.
+Shen Ye thanks for the app, glad I got it before it was taken down by skynet
For people not understanding why it was suspended - 

The keyboard app was mimicking Android keyboard. Exact same UI and calling itself "Android L Keyboard". That's a big No No in Android's developer agreement.
+Adam May yep, you are correct, mixed the two up. Used both and liked neither 😆
Shen Ye
+Karim Hachem Well it's my own mod of the keyboard, e.g. getting it working without root, getting Material theme working default on non-L builds, working dictionaries, and other bug fixes.
thanks for the keyboard man. I'm glad I was able to download the last update. Without Android L keyboard I would still be struggling with Swiftkey which suddenly lags on anything less than 2GB of RAM
You'all shouting "Its not your keyboard" at least, people with lower than KK Version can have a KK Keyboard on their device. Thats great i think. Oh, i didnt tell... I got my bite already hehehe!!!
A google no le asusta la competencia...y excelente teclado espero que de alguna forma nos hagas llegar actualizaciones.
+Bikram Agarwal actually your wrong it wasn't "mimicking" the android L keyboard, it was the android L keyboard. Shen took the keyboard .apk from android L and made a few changes to improve compatibility with earlier versions of android.
I take it there is no risk of it being taken off those who still use it?
Shen Ye
Google rarely does remote uninstalls unless they're malicious.
Took 800,000 downloads and weeks of articles before Google reacted. How many passwords did you get from this again?
Wait is it just google that doesnt want us to use an unreleased keyboard or this one was actually a keylogger?
can anyone share the keyboard, would be very nice :)
@Shen Ye Well to this I say, what ever bug fixes you did, and modifications to make it work on my personal device. Thank you Sir, best keyboard that I have used so far, typing seems to be a lot more accurate and smoother with this keyboard compared to the one I was running, and that's a plus in my book. 
lucky i have it installed on my device since day one.. and update it thoroughly..
Lucky that I installed it to my tab before this happened.
I'm sorry for what happened.
I love this keyboard, and there's no way that I an uninstalling this EVER! I do just want to know one thing: Shen Ye what do you do with all the inputs you've received (if it logs keystrokes)?
 +Shen Ye  i ve been looking for your keyboard... all the apps ive tried which supposed to be yours, have a little world that changes between stock keyboard and the L keyboard. i remembered your app doesnt have that key... for me is disgusting that function and i couldnt hide it... would you send me the link of your app ? i love more than the google one... thank you masster!
Y Bilas
Is there any way to add a custom dictionary file? I have a Ukrainian main_uk.dict file from CM and would love to have swipe working for my language too.
I've had your Andoird L Keyboard installed in my Nexus 5 since Kit Kat. Today, after updating to Lollipop, I've noticed that your keyboard is still installed in the system, but I can't uninstall it because it doesn't appear on Play Store. How am I supposed to uninstall this keyboard now?


Nevermind. I've just remembered that Play Store isn't the only way of uninstalling apps. You can just go to Settings -> Apps and uninstall every app installed on Android, even those that aren't (anymore) in the Play Store.
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