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Lets Talk About The Music, A Humorous Controversial Talk Show
Lets Talk About The Music, A Humorous Controversial Talk Show

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Shels and Shels brings back Sean Apenbrinck-Marquette from Maximus, Shawn Sugrue from Serial Obsession and Shauna Specht for an evening of Tribute towards Chris Cornell of Soundgarden.

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Did you know that Let's Talk About The Music has a Give Back Program?? We do! just got to and click on the Give Back Program tab. We have 3 Charities we are helping raise money for there cause.

1. - $500 each of the walks for Seattle Out of the Darkness Community Walk and Tacoma - Out of the darkness.

2. - Right Now Today Movement

3. - Musical Mamas Society

* JOIN US ON MAY 31st - to hear more news about our Give Back Program *

NOTE: LTATMRadio "was" going to split 50/50 with them, but we revamped out Patreon page. You can also click on the tap on the left hand side of our website to help us get few our shows back and helps build a radio station!

Thanks for listening and supporting LTATMRadio!! ^_^

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Come and listen to me LIVE on Spreaker to Let's Talk About The Music with Shels and Spider have a music/talk show spanning a wide range of Conversational Topics. This episode will feature special guest LAMEBOT​ as we discuss music, upcoming project, medicinal marijuana, favorite foods, his Netflix addiction & more.
Follow us on #LTATMRadio on #Spreaker and check out our website:
Check out #LAMEBOT on Twitter @LAMEBOTMUSIC

Post has attachment, is teaming up with Serial Obsession in helping them win a spot in #HardRockRising. They could play at the Hard Rock Cafe.

GO VOTE before May 8th!

If they win will be there to for the live show!
#SerialObsession, #newyork, #LTATMRadio,

HEADS UP!! I am going to do a LIVE test run in about 30 mins; 8:30pm (PST), 9:30 (CST), 10:30 (EST).

Go follow the show here:

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If that wasn't enough Prince Tribute listen live Erotic City Prince Tribute live at Jazzbones in Tacoma, Wa.

#LTATMRadio, #Prince, 

Post has attachment Spider and I did do a special show about Prince with Julian Stefoni from Erotic City Prince Tribute. Have a listen and enjoy a few Prince tunes. <3

Those that have not hear it yet listen or down load it now, because it is been taken down on Sunday. is moving to a new home.…/ltatmrad…/ltatm-spotlight-1-prince

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@LTATM_RADIO 4 more days 2 get ur T-Shirts!! Go them here now! #LTATMRadio, #IndieMusic 
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