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Powerful Promotional Copy to Magnify Your Marketing Results
Powerful Promotional Copy to Magnify Your Marketing Results


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Don't let yourself get in the way of your business.

When things happen to cause you to lose focus or momentum, you're not alone. Reach out to your colleagues for support.

Find out how important this is in this video episode.

I hope this provides some support to you if you're going through something similar.

Your comments and questions are welcome. I appreciate your interest.

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If your business is bounding along day to day without tangible, realistic goals, how do you know when you've achieved success?

Would having a strategy in place help? You bet...

Let's talk about #strategies to shape, organize and succeed - for your business.
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Much appreciation for the feedback from the recent Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs workshop participant.

It's how you know you're delivering value.

If you're still struggling to find a balance between your ideas for business growth and daily activities, and putting them into action, talk to me about how strategic planning puts it all into perspective.

Or visit:
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Hey Small-Business Owners and Solo Entrepreneurs of Ottawa and surrounding areas:

I'm sure you know that context is important. Especially when it comes to your daily activities.

When activities seem all over the place and disconnected, it's difficult to achieve any notable success. But perhaps a Strategy is in order.

So here's the solution:
And Succeed with a Strategy.

Stop chasing squirrels. That only makes you nuts.

Instead, get control of your business, create a clear plan and path for marked progress, and long-term goal achievements.

If you're in the Ottawa, Ontario area and would like to participate in a Strategic Planning Workshop for this very purpose, be sure to check out the details below.

And feel free to connect if you have questions.
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Got some ideas for your business?

How are you staying on top of them so you accomplish your goals?

If you're keeping it all in your head, you may not accomplish you set out to do. To find out why, have a look here...

Be sure to comment, ask questions, let me know your thoughts.

And for more information about better strategies for business, check out:
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Get your 5 tips for better business strategies and success.

If your business is craving organization and a clear path forward, this will help.

Feel free to ask questions or connect.
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Best Social Media Blogs For Real Estate - 2017 Edition
We've arrived! The final part of the 5 part series of the "best of" real estate blog articles!

Over the past 5 weeks we've been highlighting the best real estate related articles from the past year. We've recapped the best home selling, buying, home improvement, and home financing blog articles from 2017!

This week, in the 5th and final part of the series, we're showcasing the best social media blog articles from 2017! Check out the round up of great articles at

There are articles in this roundup from +Xavier De Buck, +Bill Gassett writing for +Contactually, +Karen Highland, +Paul Sian, +Sharon Paxson, +Joy Bender, and +Jeff Nelson!

If you find this article helpful, please consider sharing it socially!

#realestate #socialmedia #blogging
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As the year draws to a close and you take stock of your successes, challenges, and even failures...

Have you also given thought to what's guiding you toward those results?

Do you have a Strategic Plan in place?.

It's like having a GPS to lead you through your activities and projects. With a a path mapped out and easy to follow.

And without that're likely to take a lot of detours that will derail your goals and progress, waste your time, and cost you money and effort.

Don't let 2018 be a year of drama and frustration when you can avoid it by having a simple strategy and plan in place to get you to your destination....

In the meantime, I wish you all the success possible for 2018. With, or without a plan.
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Great tips and important facts to know when buying a home.

Buyers be your due diligence.

Thanks for sharing, Kyle.
9 Shocking Facts That Home Buyers Don't Realize
Did you know that not all real estate websites are accurate?

This is only one fact that home buyers are surprised to find out! There are actually quite a few things that buyers don't realize!

+Michelle Gibson has written a top notch article discussing 9 shocking facts that buyers don't realize. Check out the article at

There are a plethora of useful articles from other trusted sources including +Bill Gassett, +Paul Sian, +Conor MacEvilly, +Xavier De Buck, +Sharon Paxson, +Anita Clark, +Luke Skar, +Maria Mastrolonardo, +Lynn Pineda, +Kevin Vitali, +Joe Boylan, +Rochester's Real Estate Blog, and a few others!

If you find this article helpful, please share it socially!

#realestate #homebuying
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When you use technical or #industry-specific lingo while addressing your audience, you risk losing them.

Speak in the #language they understand so you create the needed connection.
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