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For those who were busy to prep. Here are some #easter   #brunchideas  

 Elegant Easter Brunch Dishes #HappyWeekend  
Elegant Easter Brunch Dishes:
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Deb Lee
That looks yumcious!
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Shelly Kramer

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Summer is just around the corner! > 5 Healthy Summer Foods to Add to Your Diet! #healthy   #summer  
5 Healthy Summer Foods to Add to Your Diet

Here are some #foods that one must add to the summer #diet for a healthy body.

Summer season calls for a change in the diet and lighter meals, with more fluids, given the rising mercury levels and long days. Here is a list of some healthy foods, that one must include in their daily meal to remain fresh and healthy in summers -

1. Corn: That's right! A cob of #corn comes with a number of antioxidants, which prevent some harmful sun rays from affecting your skin. Not just that, these antioxidants also lower the risk of age-related problems.

2. Cold coffee: Switch your cup of morning #tea with a cup of iced #coffee for a fresh start to your daily routine. It is not just the freshness that comes with cold coffee that is good, it also lowers the risk of skin cancer, something that the scorching heat is known to cause.

3. Tomatoes: These veggies might be seen as a #salad item, but #tomatoes act as a natural sunscreen - protecting you against sunburn.

4. Watermelon: Amongst the favorite #fruits in the summer season is the #watermelon, which contains 92 per cent water and helps one keep hydrated. It also protects the skin against harmful sun rays.

5. #Cherries: These tiny fruits can help in inducing better sleep for people who have insomnia problems in the heat. They are also beneficial for people on a diet as they can help one get lean by decreasing the fat storage in one's body.
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Shelly Kramer

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Are you dealing with Toxic people? 

3 Strategies for Dealing With Toxic People
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Ha! +Danny Brown 
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Looks really good!  

Cherry Potpies: #food   #inspiration  
#RecipeOfTheDay: These wonderful little pies are a sweet finish to any meal. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & dig in!

Cherry Potpies:
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Very true +Deanna McNeil :) 
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Shelly Kramer

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This dog cracked me up. There are days of course when I feel like doing the same thing.
And This is How I Plan to End the Work Day

Yep. Nailed it.

#gif   #gifs  
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So funny
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Shelly Kramer

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Want to get noticed on #linkedin  ?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile, but want to improve it so you can get better exposure?

12 Resources to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile
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Have her in circles
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 Small business owners are realizing the power of LinkedIn and that's just smart business.  Especially in the B2B and financial services space.

Read More :   #LinkedIn   #B2B   #SmallBusiness  
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I get great results from LinkedIn. I conduit to estate agents and whilst engagement is slower and more sparse than on Twitter and G+, it's definitely of a higher quality and converts very well. Would highly recommend sky B2B gets into it asap!!
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Shelly Kramer

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HA! Curious indeed!  I'll leave this here for those who need a smile today!  via +Karthick AR 
Curious kitten!

Kitten 1: I'm gonna taste it.
Kitten 2: Don't.
Kitten 1: Bleeeuuurrrggghh!
Kitten 2: Warned you.

#caturday   #humor   #kittens   #cutenessoverload   #chillax  
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LOL good one +Shelly Kramer and +Karthick AR :)
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Twitter’s rollout of new profile layouts is a signal of things to come. Rewards for engagement, pinned Tweets and a Facebook-like look. What’s next?

Twitter Profiles Revamped: What That Means For The Future
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I am still waiting for the new Twitter profile. Thank you +Jon Aston :) 
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Consumers are flocking to wearable tech products. Check out what's new in wearable tech, as well as some of the latest new trends.

What’s New With Wearable Tech? via +Andrea Cook  #wearabletech  
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The future is wearables.
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Have her in circles
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I'm an integrated marketing and digital strategist, geek, tech lover, idea generator, gadget addict, wordsmith-y kinda gal. I like people. It shows.
Geek, tech lover, wordsmith, intellectual adventurer, believer in people, dogs and smiles. 

Founder and CEO of V3 Integrated Marketinga full service integrated marketing agency headquartered in Kansas City, MO.located in Kansas City, Missouri, I'm known for my expertise with regard to brand strategy, integrated marketing, all things related to the web and the digital space, including lead generation, mobile marketing, content strategy and content marketing, website design and development, social media community building and management, business intelligence and social data gathering, analysis and integration into strategy, SEO + SEM, corporate communications, corporate social media training and a host of other things. 

I'm also a well-known speaker and present often at conferences all over world, on topics ranging from integrated marketing to digital strategy, to social media strategies to using your blog to drive leads and sales and the importance of the mobile space. 

When it comes to using the web as part of your integrated marketing strategy and helping you sell more stuff to more people--whether you're in the B2B or B2C space -- our team at V3 is pretty awesome. Oh, and did I mention we like results? And we're committed to showing our clients measurable results instead of asking them to take our word for it. We find they like that. 

I'm also kind of partial to quick wit, sarcasm, quick repartee and smart people. I like kids, good deeds, hard work, dogs, fun and frivolity. I've been known to do almost anything for food. Really good food. And, of course, beer. Beer is always good. So is wine. Red. Of course.

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I am staying in Orange Beach this week and was looking for a limo service to take part of my family to the airport in Pensacola for a trip home. I found Luxury Limo because of The Google and because of good customer reviews, I called them. They were prompt to respond, courteous and fabulous at taking care of my precious cargo. They didn't blink an eye when I told them I needed a 4am pickup to make a 6am flight and the driver was here early, was super in every way and my kids got where they needed to be. I definitely recommend using Luxury Limo for all your transportation needs - they are awesome.
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I can't say I've ever had a worse experience than at the hands of the ownership of Plaza Cleaners and take the time to write this review as a warning to others about trusting valuable clothing or household items to this company. I have been a Plaza Cleaners customer for over 10 years, mostly because of a wonderful woman, Shelley Winfield, who has been working there for and taking care of me and my family. I've been sending my sheets to Plaza Cleaners to be laundered for about the last four years. It is not inexpensive, but a luxury that we enjoy. I took a pair of brand new, still in the package, monogrammed new sheets that I purchased from Pottery Barn for $300 in February of 2013 to be laundered before I put them on our bed. In fact, Shelley took them out of the package for me. When I picked them up a week or so later, I saw to my horror that they were pink! As if that wasn't bad enough, the edges of the fitted sheet had been stained to a rusty color. I returned them to Shelley at Plaza Cleaners and she was equally horrified as, as I mentioned, she had taken them out of the package herself and knew what they had cost. She told me to not worry yet, that she would have them redone and was hopeful they could be fixed. When I returned to pick up the sheets yet another week or ten days later, they weren't as pink as they had been, but they were still tinged with pink. And the edges of the fitted sheet was even more stained with rust and, as an added bonus, the pillow cases had burn marks on them from the mangle used to press them. My $300 sheets were, essentially, ruined. Shelley had me fill out a damage form and assured me they would take care of it, but that I would have to take the sheets to Mr. Chung, the owner, at their other location, which is this one, on Wornall Road. I did one week ago and was unlucky enough to deal with Mrs. Chung. Her immediate reaction was to deny responsibility and advise me that sheets were laundered at the owner's risk (a policy apparently never shared with customers) and that it was too bad, but that they weren't responsible. I was later told that that policy was implemented AFTER they ruined my $300 sheets but one that was still not being communicated to customers. Another reason for writing this review. I've been patronizing this cleaner for many years and have paid them many thousands of dollars for their services. To have them not stand behind their services and to refuse to take responsibility when they damaged my property is astonishing. I will move heaven and earth to warn customers about doing business with this dry cleaner, as they are clearly not reputable in any way. Please view this review as your warning. If you value your clothing and household linens, do not patronize Plaza Cleaners. Any damage they inflict to your valuable items will not be acknowledged, nor will you ever receive any recompense for that damage. This not a reputable business, not by a long stretch.
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We live in the Brookside area of Kansas City, and I've been looking for the perfect dentist for some time now. When I discovered (based on the recommendation of a friend) that Dr. Burch practiced in the neighborhood, I was excited to make an appointment and try him out. I've since sent my entire family over in the course of the past several weeks. Not only did they manage to win over my curmudgeonly husband, but they've got my kids raving, too. Today's appointment was for my 4 year old twins, who were visiting the dentist for only the second time ever. The staff is warm and loving and they ensured that my kids had so much fun while they were there, they didn't even realize what was happening. Our first dental visit was to a pediatric dentist and compared to the experience at Dr. Burch's office, we're happy we made the change. We love having a "family dentist" and a staff that knows us all, treats us as if we are part of their family and makes the "chore" of going to the dentist an enjoyable one for all. So glad we discovered Dr. Rick and his staff and look forward to many years of great interaction.
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