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April 30, 2012

Today's photo is another bird shot but I was so happy I had to share him. I have been trying to get a shot of this Blue jay for months but every time I try he flies away into the trees behind something and so far away i have no chance. Today I finally got a shot of him and even in a natural setting. He even fits into the theme today of #backyardbirdingmonday curated by +Celeste Odono and +Ricky L Jones ! Hope you enjoy him!
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+Shelly Gunderson: That is awesome, Shelly. What a beautiful capture in his natural setting.
I had the same "mission" with the bald eagles when I was in Victoria, BC. They seemed to be always taunting me. I did manage to get good shots before we moved away. lol. Anyway, thank you for sharing this with #backyardbirdingmonday
I have done many stupid_ things to get close to critters to get a shot off, glad you have the patience to keep trying. But if you ever need some musk (that smells like Big Foot) and or/some camo ... let me know ;-)
Gorgeous shot +Shelly Gunderson!
What a beautiful capture of that blue jay +Shelly Gunderson. You got his lovely back and side view. So well posed for a shot. Haven't seen any of those yet in my neck of the woods :)
Tuan Le
Nice shot Shelly. The bluejay finally gave in to your persistence.
what a cutie, I love these little fellas they are so beautiful!
Beautiful composition Beautiful shot ! Lovely !
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