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Internet Marketer, Web Developer & Code Geek
Internet Marketer, Web Developer & Code Geek

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Google announced today that it intends to roll out a new update in May that will give an even higher preference to mobile friendly websites. It's past the time that every website should be mobile responsive, but if your site isn't already, you'd better get it done ASAP.

So we are having two issues, the first is the Facebook Sharing on an Event is really messed up. On twitter & Google+ it works just fine but Facebook tries to share the whole calendar and spits out a list of all the Months of the Year and just doesn't make sense. When I first setup the events, this problem did not exist so it had to have been a bug in one of the last couple of plugin upgrades.

Our second issue is that I created two admin accounts and set the settings for them to have full access in each of the admin settings, however, I am just now learning that there are still places that these two admins do not have access to in the settings such as on the Organization settings > Integrations tab and the admin also says she can not create new folders. These people are essentially the owners of this association and needs to have full access just as I do.

So we are having major issues with our reporting. People are renewing their memberships, we can see the transactions in stripe, but the renewals are not showing up on the dashboard. Our reporting seems way off as well as the quickbook reports we can export. None of it is accurate. Help!

I am creating a special home page for logged in members. This will be a widgetized home page that I would like to customize with different widget areas that will show different things depending which membership type you hold. Since I have to hard code this template, I need to use template tags instead of the typical [membersonly] shortcode. Where can I find the template tags to use? Thank you so much for your assistance.

Hello, how can I go about customizing the order in which people appear in the directory. I would like to alphabetize members by their last names. I also have special members that are board members and officers that I would ideally like to show at the top as well. Is this possible?

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Lawyers, this is a great way to target different cities and legal terms for the areas you serve. Geo-targeted landing pages. I have been using this technique for almost 6 years now with a lot of success.
Scaling Geo-Targeted Landing Pages for SEO

New Whiteboard Friday: -- this week's is all about producing landing pages in multiple geographies to target city/town-specific queries, even if you don't have a physical presence in each geography. It's a tricky and challenging practice, but not impossible!

Registered a new domain name yesterday and the spam email that came today was ridiculous. Makes me sad to think about how many people probably fall for these scams.

Search Engine Registration for YourDomain "Insert Domain Name Here" is Pending.
Click here to register your domain with Google, Bing and Yahoo ASAP to avoid any late fees. you are con artists and should be put behind bars.

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Finally got the Facebook page setup for Morning Docket. I encourage you to visit it and like it so that you can stay up to date on all the latest of our upcoming legal marketing workshop in December and any future events we may have. We will soon be announcing some great new speakers & vendors, you won't want to miss out.

In case you haven't heard yet - Morning Docket is a hands-on, two-day event for the legal community from legal marketers with a conscience. We are trying to change the industry for the better and help guide our attendees to rock at online marketing for their law firms. Times are a changing, attend Morning Docket and get ahead of the game.

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So I am curious those of you that are conference/workshop goers, what have been your likes and dislikes about different events? Describe your ideal conference.

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