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Shelly-Ann Smalling
Blogging about Social Media + Home Remedies| Loves reading + collecting recipes. Social media enthusiast, nature pic lover with a little tech savvy thrown in for fun.
Blogging about Social Media + Home Remedies| Loves reading + collecting recipes. Social media enthusiast, nature pic lover with a little tech savvy thrown in for fun.


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Visual marketing is necessary to build engagement and for your business to grow.

Did you know 90% of consumers use visuals to decide on a purchase?

And that posts with a visual get 94% more views than the same content with only text?

Go ahead and boost your engagement with visuals.

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There are many things we see and ignore. And take for granted even.

Like some social media platforms.

As entrepreneurs, there is always more to do and more to learn.

There's no way we can be on every social media platform. Further, our audience might not hang out there.

However, there's no harm in assessing the value of those we're already apart of or would like to try.

Are you on Pinterest or Instagram? Both maybe?

Would you like a bit of assistance in boosting your engagement on these platforms?

It's not as hard as you think. It's easy to get started plus it's fun!

Click through to see if this can help you.

Remember, always do something to grow!

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Blogs are started for numerous reasons among which are to share information, to spread awareness for a cause as well as to extend the reach of a business.

If you have a passion you're bursting to share, a blog is the perfect platform for you.

Start your blog today and have the impact you've always dreamed of.

Happy blogging! And always do something to grow!

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Sometimes we pay to learn.


Did you know you're not to use images pulled from Google search? Well, if you don't, consider this a lesson learned.

ALWAYS make sure you have permission to use the images in your creative work.

Come and learn what other legal mistakes to avoid.

It's #Free. See you there.

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs has self-actualization at its pinnacle.

Self-actualization or self-fulfillment is when someone achieves their full potential. And this includes creative activities.

And writing is a means of creative expression.

However, as with all creative expressions there are varying styles and they all can be improved upon.

Improving those writing skills doesn't take genius, but persistence and practice.

Want to self-actualize as a writer? Read a book to start or continue your journey.

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Lefty? Righty? Or Mixer?

Which are you?

Very interesting read with some valid points.

But, is this taking minimalism too far?

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Writing isn't about making money or becoming famous, but is to be used to connect with your readers and enrich their lives.

Work, wait and watch. Don't give up as your hope begins in the dark.

Statistics show that all successful people have a common trait that they also instill in their children.

Start a habit today that will increase your success and enrich your life and of those around you.

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Statistics shows that all successful people have something in common.

This "thing", they use to improve themselves, their businesses and others around them.

It is also shared and impressed into their children's psyche.

And you are doing it right now.

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Growing your business to the next level and beyond should be your primary focus.

Success is not all about money, but providing value to others.
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