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Honored to help Priesttess Graell bring these Guidebooks into the Worlds, this is a Beautiful E-Book Bundle, that includes 5 Guidebooks that are packed with wisdom and encouragement for anyone walking the path of the Goddess. Learn More:
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a new quick slidehow with some pics from Scotland

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Prescribing LOVE MEDICINE today and everyday....
With the waves of intensity in our new feeds "this week" and "every week" these days, I want to keep posting, some juicy reflections to remind us, there is so much vital truth that meets us, and can truly nourish us, when we go beyond the fear, when we live in our creativity and when we commit ourselves to opening the Heart.
Here is a note I wrote about Love, about the Wild Heart and something I call LOVE MEDICINE.....
"Love Medicine....meaning a circle of intimacy that flows both ways
I am drinking you as you are drinking me... in, to be transformed
whole in the heart of wholeness...there is no other way....just dive"
Love Medicine
Love Medicine

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Evolution on a Writing Piece about the Virgin of Guadalupe

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- an Interview Series with
♥ Shelley Sage Heart and Special Guest
♥ Mama Aurora Sheehan

SHOW 1: Pre-Conception: Preparing the Vessel - Self Love

This will be SHOW #1 in our 6 Conversation Series filmed via Google Hangouts and available on our You Tube Channel.

Speaking intimately with Aurora who is in the final weeks of her 2nd unassisted pregnancy and birth, she shares with us the journey of self trust, personal empowerment and health that she has experienced in the container of her unique choices, around, conception, pregnancy and birth. Our intention is to offer other women and families the courage to make new choices.

In our conversations we will be mapping...the journey of Conception, Birth and Parenting unassisted.
What does it take to pioneer new ways of making, gestating , birthing and raising children outside the traditional parameters our society provides us. Why would we want to do this and what does it mean for the future of humanity. We will explore the relationship between:

♥ Self Love and Pre conception
♥ Sovereignty and Gestation
♥ Self Trust and Birthing
♥ Health and Conscious Parenting

Also exploring, why investing in "Conscious Parenting" is a path of Love for the Planet, Cultivating Intuition, Grace, Stamina, and a deep bond with your partner, children and community, and why this path needs the support of Conscious Community for a family to flourish.

Conversation Series Titles:

SHOW 1: Pre-Conception: Preparing the Vessel - SELF LOVE

SHOW 2: Conscious Conception: Sacred Union & the Power of Creation - TRUST

SHOW 3: Intuitive Pregnancy: Discovering Choice & Living in Truth - SOVEREIGNTY

SHOW 4: Sacred Birth: Becoming the Stewards of Spirit

SHOW 5: New Paradigm Parenting: Raising our Children to Stay in the Light

SHOW 6: Community: It takes a Village...
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