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#AbstractArtMonday Curated by +Marilyn Fenn & +Charles Lupica

The Ideas That Stick...~

Visions come to me like a slow, steady drip coursing through my veins... They take their own sweet time, breaking surface, swirling, rolling, deftly dancing their way through quarry's of questions and what ifs, defying logic and good sense.

The ideas that stick, slide under skin and skillfully skim the ridges and roadblocks. They sink silently and fall beside me, waiting for tides to gently shake me awake so I can touch them with the gifts inside and bring them, lovingly, to life.

Ink and watercolor
© Michelle “Shell” Rummel
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A couple of years ago, I began to combine ink with my watercolors. A wonderful exercise that loosened my hand and mind...quick studies/sketches like this one are among some of my favorites from that time ~ Glad you like! +Michele Cornelius +Mel England and all, for the kind +1's and shares:)
+Shell Rummel This is fabulous! The image, of course you know I love, and your poetry is so evocative, so good! Thank you so much for adding your vision to #AbstractArtMonday! :)
Hi +Marilyn Fenn :) Happy to share and so glad you liked. I don't have many pure abstracts in my portfolio...a challenge finding one for your theme days! Might just have to paint a few new ones;)
+Shell Rummel But even your non-abstracts are rather abstract. Still, if it encourages you to do more, be my guest! (Thrill!) :)
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