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The wonderful rainbow-powered city of the future, financed out of thin air, constructed out of materials that don't have to be mined, harvested, grown or made in factories, supported by a creative economy of upwardly-mobile somebodies all trying to get ahead.  They commute by helicopter, jet pack and transporter beam, they consume food and other commodities which never have to be trucked from anywhere.  Nothing ever falls down, there are no nasty artificial winds between the tall buildings, no migratory songbirds are ever squished against the sides of towers from which glass never falls.  No greenhouse gases are ever emitted to bring us this wonder of the future, energised by self-serving rhetoric and wishful thinking.

My God, it'll be beautiful.
Just announced this morning Toronto has the most number of cranes on the skyline ( I think they said in the world) and the most new skyscrapers being built at over 40 right now.
It's crazy. I see cranes everywhere I go.
+Shelby Walsh I have been on several photowalks where we end up shooting the skyline at night and it's baffling the amount of growth our city is seeing!
It's awesome to see our city growing, and so fast!
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