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Do you see Google+ improving in minutes spent on site? What about gender skew?  http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/go-gulf +Google+ 
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This infographic is this year, but everything changed here on Google+ and other social networks, Google+ now has more active users, has more profiles that were created and many other cosias.
Next year (2013), probably in the month that was done this research and infographic, other numbers are (for sure).
Communities is a major, I would say - the biggest improvement since G+ was born. It still needs to settle down, self-organize, but there is a major activity peak after Communities were released, I spend much more time here now, and more quality time.
Before, Facebook had Shared Groups and G+ did not, so I sent more time on Fb.
FB is still king of SNS here in the Philippines, but I'm glad to be in G+ and more active here in the past week since Communities launched. I'm a fan of old-school forum discussions and content, and this is kind of thing i've been missing since FB took the world by storm. Kudos to Gooogle!
Google+ will overtake Facebook, I hope so, I think this will be possible in 2013, people are still on Facebook, especially here in Brazil.
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