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My only problem is I need more polish.
My only problem is I need more polish.

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September-October 2015 Instagram Round-Up
Purchased By Shelby Lou Press Sample Here is another round-up of all those manis I shared on Instagram but didn't get a blog post of their own. I included everything from September and October! While I have slowed down on nail polish to focus on other aspec...

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The Lacquer Ring: Spooky Nails
Purchased By Shelby Lou Last time I posted I was talking about getting started with the KonMari Method . While I haven't done it all completely properly, I have managed to rid my house of tons of clutter. I still have a lot to do but I am enjoying my home m...

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The Lacquer Ring: White
Purchased By Shelby Lou You may have noticed I am posting less and less on the blog proper. I have been taking some much needed time to get my house in order using the KonMari Method . If you don't know what this is, I highly recommend checking it out. I'm ...

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The Lacquer Ring: Pipe Dream Polish Neon Watermarble
Purchased By Shelby Lou I am back with The Lacquer Ring today for one of the most dreaded challenges in nail art: The Watermarble. I admit I was thinking about just doing an accent nail. Possibly decals. Or maybe even just stamping the damn thing. But what ...

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HPBloggers Presents: Fugly Fall Sweater Nails
Purchased By Shelby Lou Press Sample--Zoya only Agh, has it really been that long since my last blog post? I have been so busy the last few weeks. I am back because I really wanted to participate in this month's Hobby Polish Bloggers' link-up since it is al...

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July-August Mani Round-Up
Purchased By Shelby Lou  Press Samples I have come to the harsh realization I just don't have the time to really blog about nails and stay sane. Some of my supportive bloggy friends suggested I try still sharing manis (because I love sharing manis!) on inst...

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HPB Presents: Neon Illusion
Purchased By Shelby Lou Hey guys, I have been having a rough month. Last week I almost ended up in the ER with the worst back pain and muscle spasm of my life. Then Sunday I left work (at a hospital) only to rush to another hospital where my husband was in ...

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Rainbow Fish Scale Gradient with Zoya Island Fun
Purchased by Shelby Lou Press Sample  Fall polishes are already starting to pop up everywhere, including Zoya's! I love fall, really, but summer barely got started here in Buffalo. So I decided to buck the system and do a completely summery mani with my sum...

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The Lacquer Ring: Holographic Blue
Purchased By Shelby Lou  I'm back on the blog, go me! I have been moving towards more microblogging lately and have been more active my my instagram, facebook, and twitter. Mostly instagram, although I noticed a ton more ads than I would like today in parti...

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Twinsie with The Fancy Side feat. Son of a Beachin' Unicorn
Purchased By Shelby Lou I have not been feeling blogging lately. I went away for a long weekend last weekend and had an emotionally exhausting week at work. If it wasn't for this mani I had coming up I probably wouldn't have done anything else this week eit...
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