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I was once the IT guy at Robert Redford's Sundance Resort. We installed high speed internet into all their lodging (20 different buildings and 60 rooms across 6000 acres and we did it for less thank $40k) We decided quickly that charging extra for the service was a bad idea and instead chose to bump up the nightly rate by $5 and it covered our yearly costs in T1's and upkeep. It eventually led to funding a complete wireless data network across the whole resort. It worked great and made our customers extremely happy especially since cell service on the mountain was extremely spotty. People could use voip and stay connected.
I was recently blogging about how all businesses should provide free wi-fi to their customers.
I agree +Eran Bair and +Shel Holtz. Even if I end up using just a few MBs, it makes a huge difference while choosing a hotel. 
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