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It's a jam-packed FIR 682 that has just been posted:
Your hosts cover best practices for social media in the workplace, a call for input for a book on the creative agency of the future, how NPR's "On the Media" was able to take advantage of
its podcast to report late-breaking news, you'll now be able to retrieve ALL your tweets, how Google+ Communities can benefit brands, a discussion on Brian Solis' post about the Human API, where PR fits in the new era of pageview journalism, QR codes with malware are cropping up, a report from Dan York, and more.
Intro: A word on the Newtown tragedy, communication and contemporary society; FIR Interviews coming with Ekaterina Walter of Intel and Cy Jervis of Dell's IdeaStorm; some thoughts about show length;. ...
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on show length, IMHO, would like two shorter podcasts vs. one long. i usually end up listening to the first half.
On podcast length I would say that it depends. 60-90 min is OK with me as long as every minute counts (great quality) which has been the case. If I don't finish it in one go I just continue listening later until it is done. Once a week also means that I am downloading less and don't need to switch from podcast to podcast as much. Thanks for the great content guys. Looong time listener.
If 90 minutes meant you were crossing over into non-listenership, +Leo Laporte would never make his netcasts two hours long.
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