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I started this discussion topic so anybody can add ideas for what we should be covering in upcoming episodes.
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Hi +Shel Holtz. Though I am somewhat interested in the IABC kerfuffle, I find myself tempted to fast forward through the lengthy discussions in the last few episodes. I might be more interested in the  topic if I was (or is it were) an IABC member still. 

One thing I'd like some opinions on is whether it makes sense to go back and edit older presentations I have in SlideShare that have my previous work contact information as the last slide. Should I update it to my new info? (I just don't know if it would be worth the time it takes to do that.) If someone finds me through SlideShare, my current contact info is at that site.
Maybe it would be worthwhile to own some "neutral" contact info: your own email address independent of any employer, for example. That being said, I'm sure that your work affiliation lends some authority to your presentation. If the end result is being reachable, the neutral email address may be the answer. What do you think?
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